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So I've found that when God does something really cool in your life, it's best to share it.
By the grace of God our story has truly encouraged some people to be patient and wait on the Lord's perfect timing, because there is NO better love story than when God writes it!
I have never experienced something more amazing and beautiful than watching God write Joshua's and my story and I love thinking about how much He must have enjoyed it!
God has a REALLY good sense of humor!

It all started in 1983.
I wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eyes.
 {My lovely parents, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Oakley: April 2, 1983}
Tom & Ramona Oakley met Jim & Tracy Oestreich at bible study in New Jersey this year.
They were both newly weds, and become good friends, life long friends, in fact.
Though they remained friends, they had kids and life just happened.
 The Oakley's moved to Georgia & the Oestreich's moved to Philadelphia.
 The Oestreich's would occasionally make their way down to Georgia, and vice versa, but the year 2000 was the last trip that would be made for a while on either end.

Fast forward: 2009.
The Oakley's decide to stop in Philly on their way to New Jersey.
Here's where it gets crazy peeps:
My dad, mom and brother and me all get out at the Oestreich's house to have lunch with them before we head on our way to New Jersey.
We reacquaint with everyone we hadn't seen in years. 
Jim and Tracy and Abby were the only ones home.

We're all chatting and hitting it off and when my dad and I stepped into the kitchen to get something to eat, I see a picture of the handsome Josh Oestreich.
In that moment, not really knowing what i was saying, I leaned over to my dad and said,

"I think I'm going to marry him."

I don't know why I said it, I just said it.

Minutes later I was rethinking my statement when Josh's mom went into detail about how Josh strayed away from the Lord in high school and got into bad junk his first semester in college. *But then* she continued to say how he rededicated his life to the Lord and was actually spending the summer on a tiny Indian Reservation in Northern Ontario called Moose Factory.


So we had our good time with the Oestreich's and as we were leaving, Jim, Josh's dad, says to my dad and me, "Too bad they don't do arranged marriages anymore! I'd sure like to have your daughter as my daughter in law!"
My dad and I just looked at each other, and then laughed away when we got in the car.

We continued on our trip to NJ, and I did what any young person does, added all the Oestreich's on facebook, Joshua included.

Now for this part it's best if Josh tells it because he's hilarious and does such a good job so here is my boo bear bun bun biscuit.

One day while I was in Moose Factory I signed into Facebook not expecting anything out of the ordinary, but I did notice that I had a new friend request (which is pretty cool in the Facebook world). I clicked on it, saw the picture, lost my breath and said WOW!! Then I read "Kristen Oakley" and I paused for a second because I knew I knew that name! Then I quickly remembered the little blonde haired girl from Georgia with the HUGE backyard and the big trampoline. But wait, this Kristen Oakley was no little blonde haired girl...yes, she was blonde; yes, she was a girl...But she was allllllll grown up! She was, as I so proudly like to proclaim, a blonde bombshell! I couldn't believe it, little Kristen was a young lady, a GORGEOUS young lady, a BEAUTIFUL young lady!
So, of course, I quickly accepted her friend request and went to her facebook profile and I thought I'd be a gentleman and say hello. But there was one problem...I couldn't. I froze with nervousness! I didn't know what to say or how to say it, and i certainly didn't think this beautiful lady would want to talk to me. Here I am, shocked and in awe at this gorgeous young woman and I'm feeling like a shy little kid inside...
Finally, after sweating it out for a solid 5 minutes, I worked up the courage to type something out on her wall. As I tried to hide my excitement at our new friendship (wishful thinking at the time!), I asked her how in the world she found me on facebook and I asked how she was doing.
I got the nicest, most excited response with exclamation marks and smiley faces, and I was on cloud 99! I was only hoping for a response period, but low and behold, this blonde bombshell was as beautiful inside as she was outside.
So from then on we continued to write on each other's walls for a few days and each time what we wrote would get longer and longer. And then it progressed to us messaging one another and the messages were long, like 2 or 3 pages long!
Finally, one day I got realllllyyyyy brave! In one of my messages I "casually" threw out the idea of talking on the phone. I told her if she ever wanted or needed to call me she could and I gave her the number to the house I was staying at up in Canada.
Well, the day came...we set up a time to talk on the phone! Yes, she called me way up in Northern Ontario from way down in Atlanta Georgia...she told me her house phone had the long distance calling plan, so I was alllll about it!
Obviously I was greatly awaiting this call! The time came and she called me, and we talked for 2 and a half hours! I was stoked, I thought it went well and I couldn't wait till our next conversation! I didn't have to wait long because we talked again the next night for 7 and a half hours!
Well, the phone calls continued and feelings continued to grow. But wait, I'm in Canada and she's in the U.S. and even when I do get back to the U.S. we will still be 14 hours apart. I thought I was nuts, how in the world would this work for us? So we started praying hard and a lot! One night, after we got off the phone, I was feeling very uneasy and I had a great lack of peace. I started praying and listening to worship music.       

Our story is the longest story everrrr, so for now: To be continued... :)


  1. ahhh LOVE this! can't wait to read more!! !love Katie

  2. Oh I'm just creepin. Cause yanno, it's your anniversary and y'all deserve to be creeped. I'm a fan of the blonde bombshell comment. You should finish this.

  3. I love reading love stories! Can't wait to hear the end!! The first time I talked to my boyfriend I wrote on his myspace wall :P


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