I am Kristen Oestreich!
 No one can pronounce my last name, but it's really super easy- O-STRIKE :)

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
He is the reason I live and I seek to know Him more and look more like Him on a daily basis!

I'm ridiculously in love with Joshua Oestreich!
 He is the man of my dreams and treats me like a princess.
Our marriage is centered on Jesus Christ and I believe that's why we find so much joy in one another!
We currently are living in Moose Factory, Ontario!
We are serving as missionaries and are just seeking to be tools for the Lord to use.
This particular Indian reservation struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and has the highest suicide rate per capita in all of Canada.
It has been an amazing experience thus far and we have seen the Lord do some amazing things.
Your prayers for Moose Factory and Joshua and me are always welcome and appreciated!

I was the Southerner(Atlanta) and Joshua the Northerner(Philadelphia) until we moved to the Arctic(exaggeration), now everyone are Southerners in our book.
I update family and friends on our adventures in Moose Factory here and if you're wondering what in the world this Moose Factory talk is you can find out more there!

I have a new found love for cooking, my husband's a fan of this.
I've been learning to be extra creative with my resources here since I don't have a thrift store I can run to, or a Hobby Lobby, or a Walmart.
Speaking of Walmart, the closest one is 6 hours away, by boat(or helicopter), then train, then bus!
WILD! :)

I love baseball and am a New York Yankees fan!
I have a goal to go to every MLB stadium and already decided years ago that I may never get to the Toronto stadium, who on Earth knew I would be living in Ontario one day, not me!

It's my desire to love each person for what they are, a creation of God!
It's easy to make loving people a complex and complicated thing,
but we're called to Love, plain and simple, and that's just what I'm trying to do day in and day out!

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to say hello!
It will make my day :)


  1. KRISTEN!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We miss you guys so much! I can't believe it's been a year since your wonderful wedding day. Your blog is awesome haha Wow you are so blessed; and so are those around you. Our prayers are with y'all and we are so proud of you! Love and miss you sooo much!

    David and Katrina :)

  2. love your blog so much. hope you know that sweet girl:) love katie

  3. Kristen: I'm not getting email notices about your blog updates...what am I doing wrong? (ALSO, did you get our package for your CHRISTmas?) Love, Aunt Susan


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