Friday, 22 May 2015

10 months

Hello all! My sweet Caleb boy is 10 months! This past month has truly been the MOST fun month ever! Caleb's personality has just blossomed! I am so surprised daily by the funny and crazy things he does! 

We've had a really great month. April was probably one of my hardest months ever, definitely my hardest in MF thus far. The Lord is so gracious though, I learned A LOT in April and grew leaps and bounds, so May has been all about reaping the harvest. April showers DO bring May flowers! It has been a very fruitful month and a month of joy! I am very grateful!

I celebrated my first Mothers Day and that was wonderful and surreal! Joshua made it extra special by making me dinner, and writing me the sweetest letter of all time. I feel very appreciated and encouraged in my role as mom, and that is such a gift!

I really want to do a ministry update soon because just SO much is going on all the time, and so many cool things have happened. It's just tough because it's hard enough for me to get this montly update done, so I just don't know when I'll find  hours and hours to do that update!

Weight:  23 lbs
Height: 28 inches (didn't actually check! ha!)

Doctor appointment:none

Nicknames: same nicknames in rotation constantly, but a whole lot of 'sweetie' these days, cause he's just SUCH a sweetie pie!!!!!!!!!!!
Eating: He still eats most things! I did make cauliflower soup that really upset his belly the other day, so no more of that for either of us! He's also tried peanut butter and isn't just so happened that we had 2 doctors and 5 nurses at our house when Caleb tried PB for the first time...but we can just pretend that I wanted to be EXTRA cautious in having him try it the first time. ;-) :-)
Sleeping: Sleeping is pretty hit and miss these days! I would say he wakes up in the middle of the night about 3x a week, maybe less. I'm going to work on some things in the next few weeks that hopefully will help Caleb sleep better when we are traveling!
Clothing: 12 months! Some 12/18 months!
Social: Always VERY social in our home. I've been bringing him into the main sanctuary during the music since he was born (and then I take him in the back nursery wants the service starts), but he is officially distracting during the music. Haha! He stands on the chair and makes noise and is just crazy. It's nothing our church isn't used to, that's for sure!
New this month: He does something new and funny every day! He's learning how to wave, definitely hasn't mastered it. He's FINALLY saying mama again...he retired that word for about a month, but it's back, along with baba & dada! He screams REALLY loud sometimes, just because he can! He really likes his tongue these days, today he was just holding it and moving it around, must be fascinating! Still isn't walking, I don't think he's really interested in it. I think he finds it most efficient to crawl where he wants to go, but he does walk quickly along furniture. We've been on lots of walks this month, he LOVES it.   
Likes: Caleb loves dancing and music! He LOVVEESS going for walks, he just smiles the whole time. I took him out a couple days ago and it was pretty chilly so he was wearing a hat...I look at him several minutes into our walk and the hat was totally covering his eyes..hahaha, and he didn't even care! He was just happy to be going along in the stroller! He laughed all hard when I moved it! silly boy! He loves his daddy and can't contain his excitment when he has the full attention of both mommy and daddy at the same time.
Dislikes: He has not been liking going to bed lately. Ugh. He doesn't like getting his diaper changed anymore. 

Mama: Thank you to those who prayed for me last month. Like I said above, this month has been really great. I feel like April was just a hard low season for me, but I still faithfully sought the Lord and I would go through it all over again if I knew the growth that was on the other side. I feel like this month has been all about learning, being encouraged, growth, and gained wisdom. Be encouraged if you're in a low season to just KEEP fighting, KEEP seeking, BE disciplined. The Lord honors it. There were many days last month where I wanted to go back to bed when Caleb napped, but instead I got in the Word and filled my mind with the truths of scripture, and it was more fulfilling than any nap could ever be. I feel like I have a much better grasp on grace in motherhood, being a homemaker and being a wife. I'm learning and growing and that's all I ever want.

Daddy: Joshua is great! He finished the book of Ecclesiastes! It was a phenomenal study. We have a very kind man in the churh who is organizing the whole hard drive of sermons for us, so hopefully one day we can have more available for you all. If you didn't know, you can type 'Biblical Mind Maintenance' into youtube and 4 of Josh's studys should pop up! Watch, and be encouraged!! He since has started Habbakuk, and that too has been great! Caleb LOVES his daddy, yesterday was probably the first time of many where Caleb cried when his dad left for work! It was SO sweet (and sad)! 

   What we're looking forward to: SO looking forward to our trip in 3 weeks! ahhhh!!! Can't wait! Please pray for our plane rides. I can't imagine Caleb sitting still for 1.5 hours x 2!!! yikes! and the train ride will be interesting too, but at least there is a bit ore flexibility on the train. We are always so encouraged and refreshed after time spent in Philly, so we are definitely looking forward to that. We've been watching the Missions Conference that took place at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, and have learned a lot, so looking forward to putting to practice some of the things we've learned. 

{I LOVE this cute hat that a friends mom made Caleb!}

{the day Caleb fell in love with OUTSIDE. His first day out this year, how cute is his hat?}

{Mothers Day 2015! A collage that best represents the wild ride of motherhood!}

{someone just woke up!}

{someone just woke up AGAIN}

{My dare devil! Once he gets up though, he doesn't really know how to get down, hahaha, so I have to go stand by him and he falls in my arms! Caleb's version of the trust fall...he trusts me...woo!}

{Haha, that tongue hangs out of his mouth most of the time these days!!} 
{going for a walk with Lorraine- his Moose Factory Gookum (grandma!)}

{Singing out of his Cree hymnal!}

{Watching his daddy on the TV in the nursery! P.s. for those who didn't know, the chapel broadcasts live to the island and mainland- available to over 7000 people!}

{I knew it would happen one got awful quiet while I was cooking dinner then I find he took all the tissues out and was making a run for it!}

{there is that tongue!!}

" But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you"
Matthew 6:33


  1. I swear, your kid just keep getting cuter and cuter! :-)

  2. They grow up so fast! I hope your trip goes smoothly and refreshers all three of you. Travel really is good for the soul.

  3. You don't know me, but I have visited your blog quite often in the past two years I think it is. Your posts have been such an encouragement to me and my sisters! Your bubbly, vivacious, passionate spirit for life and Jesus Christ is truly inspiring! Do not grow weary in well doing my friend! It is so worth it to live for HIM! I have been so challenged of late through a particular trial, but I feel God refining me. I have struggled with feeling alone, yet I am surrounded by so many. Feeling utter desolation, yet knowing deep down that God NEVER forsakes us. Your life and ministry in Moose Factory (wether you are still there or not) has been far reaching, beyond what you may know. I live all the way in Florida, in a small quaint town. But just tonight I was telling my siblings and parents around our dinner table about you and your sweet husband and your passion together to reach the lost and suffering in Moose Factory. And what an encouragement that is to me when I grow weary with serving those around me and feel alone in this Race we run for Jesus.
    Just know, you make a difference!
    Praying you and your family are well and safe.
    Olivia Huron

    1. Hey Olivia! What a sweet surprise and blessing this message was to me! So timely! Thank you for taking the time to reach out! So nice to know I have a reader in Florida! :) So fun! Sorry I haven't been giving you anything to read...ha! I actually cracked up when I looked at my last post...I realized Caleb started walking at 10.5 months so that is so accurate that that was my last post. I have been SO busy since that boy started walking! :) :) We are still here in Moose Factory and the Lord has been so faithful! We may be here the rest of our lives...we just have no clue, and are open to what the Lord has.
      I checked out your family blog! Wow, what a gorgeous family you all are! I saw that you are near Tampa! Growing up we would go stay in Sarasota, then go watch the Yankees play Spring Training ball in Tampa...we very well may have driven by your quaint town :)
      You have maybe, just possibly inspired me to post soon! ha! I want intentions may just be run over by my 18 month old! :)
      May the Lord bless you and your family!!!!!

  4. Could he be any cuter?!?!?! Oh my goodness!! So sweet!


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