Thursday, 23 April 2015

9 months

 I have laundry to do, dishes to wash, diapers to assemble, cookies to bake, and dinner to prep, so today will be a quick one!
Not a day goes by that I'm not amazed by Caleb and all that he's learning. He brings so much joy to my life. I adore him and being his mama!

Weight:  22.5 lbs
Height: 28 inches

Doctor appointment: he got his 6 month 'needles'
Nicknames: I mostly call him Caleb Joshua Oestreich these days...because we're formal like that!

Eating: Everything! Last night he had fajitas with avocado! Doing our best to make sure he loves Mexican as much as us!!

Sleeping: He has 2 new teeth coming in so sleeping has been a bit interesting lately. He still sleeps very well...which I have to remind myself of when he has off days/nights. Last night he woke up around midnight in pain and wanting to nurse, I just nursed him and put him back to bed and he was good! His naps are kinda wimpy on the days when he's growing or in pain.
Clothing: 12 months! Can't wait to get some Summer clothes on that boy!!

Social:I've heard about the 9 month making strange and I saw a bit of that in Caleb. One night at church he just cried every time someone came up to us! (awkwwarrdddd) But he's been doing better! It's also just him and me all day long, so maybe he was just overwhelmed that particular day at seeing so many faces.

New this month: He's walking all along furniture, crawling through and under anything he can, 2 new teeth coming, he's saying "mamama" "dadadada" and "babababa" a lot! He dances every time he hears music, he has a new fake laugh that he does whenever Josh or I laugh. 

Likes: He gets VERY proud of himself when he does something is THE CUTEST thing I've ever seen, LOVES his fruit smoothie he has for breakfast every day, likes dancing with mommy which is also a daily activity, ha! LOVES his dad...seriously OBSESSED, it's so CUTE!!!

Dislikes: When I take something from him that he shouldn't have, wiping his runny nose

Mama: This month has been the hardest month I've had since living in Moose Factory. I am grateful to know that we are in the Lord's will, and that brings me peace on the hard days. I would really appreciate prayer as I learn how to be a mama in a place that I never imagined being a mama. Things like going for walks, going to the park, meeting friends for lunch, going to mom days out, running errands are things that I long for when it's just Caleb and me all day long. We are learning all the time. I just want to be the best mommy I can be.

Daddy: Joshua is doing great. He is working A LOT. He's preaching every message in the month of April, 2 on Sunday and Wednesday evening, among sooo many other things. He is the hardest worker I know. He comes home every single day and lays down his life for his family. I adore him and am beyond grateful for him, tears are coming to my eyes as I write this. I feel very blessed.

   What we're looking forward to: I am looking forward to our vacation in June. I absolutely can not wait for some family time at the beach. We truly need some rest, so I can't wait for that. Also can't wait to be with family & friends in Philly. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

8 months

  8 months?!?!? Yikes. That was fast, sorta! In ways it was and in some ways it feels just as it should. I am just smitten and absolutely in love with Caleb Joshua and am so honored to be his mom! 8 months is a CRAZY FUN age!!! Holy moly! He is just so friendly and fun! He's a BLAST!!! What a rewarding, hard, fulfilling, sanctifying honor!!! If motherhood doesn't remind you that you need a Savior, I don't know what does!!! I am certainly not loving, patient, gentle or kind when Caleb is cutting a tooth and clingy and whiny or when I am so tired I could fall asleep taking a shower. I have been learning a lot and depending on Jesus to, through the Holy Spirit, live out the fruit of the spirit even in my tired and annoyed state. It's been pretty exciting to see that it IS possible through the Lord.

We have been VERY busy! We've had guests on and off since late January, many happenings at the church, Josh has been preaching a lot, Caleb is more active than ever, life has been wild! I am tired, but have been making a serious effort to fight through it and be the best wife, mom and homemaker I can be. A nap sounds soooo appealing right now but I just keep thinking...I am who I choose to be each day. I am a product of all my is napping every day going to fulfill me and cause me to feel proud in my job as a mom and homemaker...I'll tell you what I've learned...NO, no it isn't. I don't have to be busy all the time, and rest is GREAT (and SO so necessary), but I think I was allowing myself to get bogged down with tiredness. Fighting through it has been the best thing for me and I feel SO much better about how I'm spending my days. When I'm intentional about spending time with Jesus (even when I rather use that time to nap) everything is better and put into proper perspective. I find that I have the time to not only do the dishes and make dinner, but also to do some fun things that I'd like to do. Anyway, I'm learning, as I am every month. I am SO beyond blessed and grateful for the grace to grow and learn and be made better. It is my hearts desire to honor the Lord through what He has called me to.

Back to Mr. Cutie pie...
Caleb Joshua :
Weight:  20 lbs (I think with him being so active he's just stayed the same weight!)
Height: 27.5 inches (up a half an inch)
Doctor appointment: nope!

Nicknames: changes every single day! :) But I just made up this one....Teethy McTeethster in honor of his growing collection ;)

Eating: Eating well! It's been nice just throwing whatever we are having for dinner in the magic bullet. In the past week he's had chicken pot pie, fajitas and BBQ chicken + veggies. He LOVES it all, but especially the chicken and veggies mixed!

Sleeping: He is such a great sleeper. I am so so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with a good sleeper. He woke up at 3 AM a couple of nights ago because his 5th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) tooth was cutting and I just went in and held him and loved every second of it! I LOVE being Caleb's mommy and nurturing him. It reminded me of the newborn days when it was just him and me and the silence of the night. It was so special and I'm grateful that it is such a rare occurrence so each time can be special.

Clothing: Mostly in 12 months clothing now.

Social:We had more company this month and Caleb was super friendly. Two young boys (age 10 & 12) came here with their parents and Caleb loved hanging out with them. He's laughing a lot for other people. Really loves skyping his grand parents and aunts and uncles!

New this month: More teeth. Pulls himself up on everything, it's his favorite thing to do. Laughs a lot more. Eats more things since he has more chompers. He's just SOOOOOO muchhhh fun!!!! 

Likes: pulling himself up, getting into everything he shouldn't, when we go and get him after a nap or in the morning (getting him in the morning is one of my favorite things of life), kissing his mommy and daddy (my heart just started beating's one of my 'likes' too....try 'LOVES'!!!!)

Dislikes: When he's teething (which he is so much of the time) he doesn't like us to be far away, laying on his change table
Mama: I'm doing well! I have struggled the past 2 years when Spring comes around. Spring in the past has meant so many things that it doesn't mean anymore. It doesn't mean warm weather, or outdoor runs, or plans of going to Spring training or the beach. It does mean a hint of warmer it's 14 F (but it has gotten in the 30's recently), it does mean SLUSHY roads which are terrible for walking and even driving. I'm learning though...always learning. It's okay to miss some's inevitable, but I am grateful to say that I am truly SO happy where the Lord has called us and He has sustained me through every single season. I expected to be lonely and homesick very often...and I can count on 1 hand how many times I've cried from either. So while I would LOVE to be watching the Yankees at Spring training wearing shorts and going to the beach on off days, I am grateful to be in Moose Factory serving those around me and serving in my home. The Lord ALWAYS gives me the grace and rest I need. I've also been more intentional about using Caleb's nap times more wisely. I've been working out, doing house projects, spending time with people, and I find that doing something for myself each day is very revitalizing.
Daddy: Joshua is doing well!! He is one busy man! We had a group up last week from the States that do archery programs! It was a fantastic Gospel centered program and since there were a couple extra spots, Josh got to actually take part! He had a blast and even got to make his own bow. He's been preaching a lot, counseling often, prepping for the Summer teams coming and helping with things around the house. Please pray for strength and grace for him (and all of us) as he will be preaching a TON in April. He is just such a great daddy. He comes home from work and gets right down on the floor and plays with Caleb. Caleb adores his daddy...and so do I! :)
   What we're looking forward to: I am seriously looking forward to our trip in June, but am trying hard to just enjoy each day! Looking forward to getting our house a little more decorated. We have slowly but surely been putting up the different decorations we got on our Timmins trip. Our home is feeling much homier, so I'm thankful for that. I LOVE having a home that makes people feel cozy and welcome.

Pictures of our silly little man...