Thursday, 26 February 2015

7 months

We had a busy and fun February! This is the 3rd February our friends John & Larry from Missions to the World organization have stayed with us. We love them and always enjoy their company. They also worked their hearts out to put 3 rooms up in our basement. It looks amazing! We are soooooo appreciative of them. Another couple, Bill & Mae Lee Letchworth came up here, and though they didn't stay at our house, they were over most of the time! It was a great time! 
After they left we had a week with just us 3, then 2 more guests came this past Friday and stayed for the weekend. One of the men is a Pastor from Southern Ontario. He preached several times while he was here. Once Tuesday hit I fell into a little bit of a funk. I'm not sure if it was the excitement of all our guests coming and going, or if I'm fighting sickness, not too sure! I haven't been feeling great, and have been praying my heart out that it's not the awful flu that's going around Moose Factory. I don't think it is! Whew! So now life settles back to "normal" until April when Josh is preaching 3 sometimes 4x a week! Craziest month ever! As always though, the Lord is working and teaching me in this time, through the different people. That's the blessing of having so many guests so often. I get to glean and learn from each of them. Anyways, without further ado, the man of the hour...
Caleb Joshua :
Weight:  20 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Doctor appointment: He had his shots! He did well!

Nicknames: Calebogee is a nickname that Allan (a Quebec Cree) calls him and we've totally picked up on it! 

Eating: He's a great eater! He's eating solids for breakfast and dinner and still nursing sporadically throughout the day. He loves pears, apples, yogurt. He doesn't love any veggies at this point...reminds me of someone...his DAD. Ha! He liked carrots at one point, but not much anymore...I will not give up! :)

Sleeping: He's sleeping pretty well! Last night he went to be at 6:30 PM and woke up at 7 AM! WOWOW. Though, I think he was teething or feeling off yesterday because he took lots of naps. Regularly he's been going to bed in the 8 o'clock hour and waking up around 7 AM! There have been a few nights where he has woken up, not sure if it's teething, or he misses us, or what. He's usually fine and goes back to sleep on his own. I'm beyond grateful to have a schedule now and have him going to bed earlier.
Diapers: Still using cloth and loving them.

Clothing: 9 months mostly, but 12 months bottoms when he's wearing a cloth diaper.

Social: Our house was filled all of February and he did SO well. He was so social and smiley with everyone. It made my mama heart so happy to see Caleb get so loved on by all of our company. The flu has been going around Moose Factory and it is BAD, so we've been kinda trying to do everything we can to NOT get that.

New this month:  He's officially on the move! He started army crawling on February 7th and he hasn't stopped since. He's getting into cabinets, crawling under chairs, getting into everything he shouldn't be! I can't believe I'm to this stage. I can't believe I have a baby pulling at my leg while I'm cooking dinner!!!! WOW! He also started getting on his belly in the bath tub and going NUTS! He loves it! We have a little fishy on our hands! He's gabbing lots...says "ma ma ma ma ma" mostly! 

Likes: Yogurt, his bath, drinking out of his sippy cup aka pouring water everywhere, Praise Baby worship

Dislikes: When I wipe his nose or face after he eats, veggies, when I don't let him eat, I'm the worst!!

Mama:I'm doing pretty well! I'm ready for winter to be over and we realistically have about 2 months left. That's kinda hard. I want to take Caleb outside to play and I want to not have to bundle him up to walk 25 feet to the church. I started a new Bible Study on 1 & 2 Thessalonians that I'm enjoying so far. My 83 year old grandma & Aunt Susan are doing the same one!! Many of the girls doing it with me don't come from Believing families so they just get such a kick and joy that my grandma is doing the same study as us :) I'm also planning a Ladies Tea for the women of our church and the church in Moosonee for March 7! I'm really looking forward to it.
Daddy: Caleb's daddy is doing GOOD! :) He's the best ever ever ever. I love him a whole lot. So does Caleb. He recently started teaching in Ecclesiastes and it. is. awesome. Man, the Lord has SERIOUSLY been using Joshua and his preaching in this community. We see the Lord stirring hearts, mostly of those in our congregation. EXCITING.
         What we're looking forward to: Warm weather...but sooner than that I am looking forward to taking a trip to Timmins (the nearest "big" city). During the winter months a winter road is in that allows us to drive down south instead of taking the train. It not only saves $100 round trip for train fare per person, but also $250 round trip for a vehicle and you can drive whenever you want instead of having to stick to the train schedule. Our friends are letting us borrow their truck with a cap, so we are able to drive out, stock up, stay at a friends house, and come home the next day! It's about a 5-6 hour drive and we'll be gone less than 48 hours...but I'm stoked! 


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