Saturday, 7 February 2015

6 months

Whoopsies! I'm way late! We were in Philadelphia on the day Caleb turned 6 months! Then we traveled back, had our gospel meetings and have had guests staying in our house (and still do!) so there has just been no time to update! I'm determined, even if shorter than normal, to post today because it has been a HUGE month & very special month for Caleb!!!

I'll let the pictures do a lot of the talking!

Caleb Joshua :
Weight:  20 lbs
Height: 28 inches
Doctor appointment:  He had his 6 month well visit...and he is WELL :) 
Nicknames: Mr. boy !!! among 7,000 others.
Eating: LOTS. Nurses tons and eats solids for breakfast and dinner. He's had apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, avocado, and more!!! He loves food and is a great eater!
Sleeping:  We've been trying to sleep train him a bit to go to bed earlier! It's gone okay...but it's been really tricky having so many guests in our house. He's still taking short naps during the day and sleeping pretty well through the night. 
Diapers:We started cloth and they are amazing!!! I'm really loving them! But also...the same week we started cloth, friends ( a few different people) brought us 3 HUGE boxes of diapers! So we use a bit of both!
Clothing:He's in size 9 clothes. Sometimes I'll put him in size 12 pants because his bottom is extra chunky with those huge cloth diapers!
Social: Super social! Going to the States was a bit of a shocker for him. He clinged to me for dear life much of the time...but he also warmed up to people and was held by hundreds of people! He was pretty smiley for most people. He was more social than I wanted him to be in the airports! HA! I was tired and hungry and he was pulling people in with that huge contagious smile left and right! So many people had very nice comments to say about him! It was nice! :)

New this month:  He traveled on several planes! Went to a NEW country! Met hundreds of new people! Had 2 parties that revolved around him! Sits up well! (now he's a pro...but that's just because i'm really late to post this!) Talks tons. Laughs more and more. scoots all over the floor. Dances.
Likes:  Food, music & dancing, being tickled. 
Dislikes:getting the snot sucked out of his nose! Ha! Going to bed!
Mama: I'm doing great! We had a great Christmas, a GREAT time in both Georgia and Philly! Flying with Caleb alone was HARD. He did amazingly...but carrying a 20 lb baby, plus jackets and his diaper bag is just exhausting! I'm loving this new stage with Caleb. Love being his mama!!! We had the Gospel meetings (4 days of evangelistic teaching) right after we got back in town and they were phenomenal. Gil Trusty, the man who married Josh and me, came to the Moose and preached for 5 days. It was truly life changing. Josh & I feel the most blessed since Gil stayed with us. His life & love for the Lord challenged us greatly. He's an amazing man of God & an amazing man of prayer. We absolutely loved having him here and truly believe the Lord worked deeply in our congregation that weekend!
Daddy: Josh is great!! He was also GREATLY challenged after the Gospel meetings and after having Gil stay with us! He's absolutely enthralled with Caleb. Josh makes Caleb laugh more than anyone!! We have prayer on the first Monday of every night and that has been great and encouraging! It's cool to see some of our church members develop a heart for prayer. Josh has been very stirred and encouraged by Isaiah 44:3-6 and Luke 11:13; our church and our community need a fresh moving of God's Holy Spirit.
Fun things we did:  Christmas was fun! New Years was fun! Georgia was so so so fun! Having Caleb meet everyone was just top of the list of fav memories! Seeing my grandma play with him was just the sweetest! Going to Philly and having everyone meet him was amazing! We felt so loved and loved seeing our little man SO loved!!! Caleb was also dedicated on the day he turned 6 months! He wore the same outfit that Josh wore 26 years ago and was dedicated by Joe Focht, the same Pastor who dedicated Joshua! So special! (the photo below of Josh's mom dressing Caleb is so cool because that's the same outfit she dressed her baby in 26 years ago!!!)
What we're looking forward to: February is always a great, BUSY, month for us! Right now we have 2 house guests, but 2 others who are here during the day and for meals too! It's always a good and encouraging time to have them up from the States (they are from a mission organization called MTW!). They are, as I write this, putting 2 bedrooms in our basement and working on adding ceiling and flooring. A week after they leave a few more people from southern Ontario come up and stay with us! 


 (that 6 month picture makes me LOL!!!)


Thanks to all who came to meet Caleb and see us while we were in the States!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ah! He's so big...and adorable! And you look great Mama! Glad you all got loved on while you were home! XO

  2. LOVE!!!! He is SOOO cute and you are just the sweetest mama!!! xoxo

  3. Great pictures!! Really makes me smile! So glad you enjoyed your visit.
    Love you guys so much!


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