Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 months

This month has been one of the best months ever. We are settled into our home, which I LOVE. Caleb is all sorts of FUN. I’m sure I’ll say this every month, but this is my favorite age so far. I am really soaking up every single day with Caleb. This is my only chance to have a baby without having another child to care for, so I want to soak it in and notice every little thing. (this is NOT an announcement-ha!) 

One of my favorite moments from this month happened two Monday’s ago. I went Christmas caroling at the hospital with several women and I didn’t want to take Caleb to the hospital. So I fed him up and he stayed home with Josh. When I came home a couple hours later, and Caleb saw me, he started uncontrollably laughing and smiling so big. He missed me so much. Josh could not get over how happy he was to see me. It was THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. It was more than my favorite moment of the month, it was one of my favorite moments ever! 

His passport came in the mail which means we were able to book a trip to Georgia. His Aunt Erin and his Grandma wanted to see him so bad that they decided to fly Caleb and myself home as a gift.  & while I’m not exactly thrilled about flying with a baby by myself (Josh isn’t able to get away), it does just make more sense financially for me, being 1 person to go home and see tons of peoples, rather than more than 1 person paying to come all the way here, and we’ll be able to stop in Philly for a few days so he’ll get to meet tons of people in a short amount of time (run on sentence of the century)! Please pray for my travel with Caleb if you think about it! My mom and sister were VERY gracious to fly us out of Moosonee rather than us taking a 5 hour train ride and staying in a hotel for a night, so I’ll leave Moosonee at 8:30 in the morning and arrive in Atlanta by 4:30, which definitely makes it easier, but of course every scary thought has gone through my head. 

This Christmas season has been really special for me. Holding my baby boy definitely gives me new eyes for the birth of Jesus. He was a baby, like my baby boy, but He was the Savior. I’ve loved hearing different Christmas messages this season. My heart also aches for Mary when I read verses like, “And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.” And a sword will pierce through your own soul. I would feel like a sword pierced through my soul if anything happened to my baby boy. Her baby boy (once grown) was beaten and mocked and spit on and crucified. The pain she must have gone through had to have been unbearable. I’ve learned a lot from Mary in the early chapters of Luke. I just found out Josh is preaching from Luke 1 and Mary’s song on Sunday evening. WOO. 

Moving on to the star of the show...

Caleb Joshua :
Weight:  18 lbs
Height: 26 inches

Doctor appointment:  He still hasn’t gotten his 4 month shots! Hopefully soon, waiting on the health center! & this just reminded me to call and make an appointment for his 6 month well visit!

Nicknames:  same ol’ nicknames! Though a bit less of all the chunker talk…my baby’s face is thinned out! Still has juicy thighs though!!

Eating: He’s eating a lot! Always! He’s in the 75th percentile in weight. We are going to begin him on solids very soon! We tried a tiny bit of avocado the other day and he did so well. I’m going to be reading up on solids and all the ‘how to’s’ to prepare!

Sleeping:  His bed time is slowly but surely getting earlier and earlier! I’m so thankful! I wanted it to be an organic process, I wanted to follow his ques…and he’s leading the way to an earlier bedtime. Which pretty much just means he gets up earlier. Except last night he went to bed at 8:15 PM and didn’t wake up until 8:45 this morning! WOW. It was great. Josh and I literally went to bed at 8:45…exhausted parents.  The earliest Caleb has woken up since going to bed earlier is 7:30, so we really can’t complain! He usually sleeps straight through with a couple cries here and there. Two nights ago he woke up screaming his head off like I’ve never heard before. I could barely calm him. His mouth was aching…absolutely killing him. The only thing that would calm him was when I rubbed his gums pretty hard. My poor baby! His naps are typically every 2 hours for anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour…but I think he’s growing or something because he took one 3 hour nap yesterday and another 2 hour nap! Crazy!

Diapers: Still in disposable...size 3 now! Moving on up! So many people here have been so generous to buy Caleb diapers. About a week ago this woman who I don’t even know all that well knocked on our door with a huge trash bag filled with diapers of all sizes. She also brought Caleb a little rubber ducky bath tub, a Columbia Snowsuit, blankets, etc. I was so moved by this. She gave me a big hug and so genuinely said “we are just so happy for you!” She attends the Anglican Church on the island. It was so incredibly kind of her, and we are so grateful for the continual love and support we feel here.

Clothing: 6 months to some 9 months. He’s already outgrown a couple of his 6 month outfits, but I think that’s just because those particular brands run smaller. He’s in a 9 month snow suit. He seriously has the cutest clothes! His mimi (Josh’s mom) sent ADORABLE Christmas clothes for him to be able to wear this Christmas season.

Social: He has gotten so social and grown so much in this area. He’s become a little less of a clinger this month and doesn’t seem uncomfortable around people. He’s been doing really well when other people hold him, even when I’m standing there (before if he saw me and realized he wasn’t in my arms he would cry.). He smiles at everyone. He’s being a lot more talkative everywhere we go now, not just at home. If you’ll hold his hands and let him jump in your lap…he’ll like you! Just yesterday a friend told me that seeing Caleb always makes her so happy. Her husband told her, "well you know why Caleb smiles so much? Look at who his parents are!" That comment made me so very happy. I remember smiling so much at Caleb even before he could smile, because I always want him to think of me as someone with joy. Josh and I have so much joy and are so happy our little one is bringing joy to others through his contagious smile!

New this month:  SO MUCH!!! This month has been an absolute BLAST! He has become SUCH a big boy. Talking more and making new sounds every day. Grabbing EVERYTHING, including the glasses off of my face. He’s learning how to communicate more and more…if he drops his Sophie the Giraffe on the floor he will cry to let me know he wants it. (WHAT!?!? I can’t believe we are already at that stage!!), He is completely owning his exersaucer, jumping, spinning, grabbing every toy on it. He is at the VERY beginning stages of sitting up…he can’t hold himself long, and still leans forward a lot, but he’s learning.  Less and less crying when he goes down to sleep, aka more comfortable in his room and crib. He’s getting more ticklish. Laughing more. He’s added a new sounding growl to his collections of growls…this one is all in the throat! Silly boy!

Likes:  He really likes his Sophie the Giraffe. I’m so thankful for that thing…he really bites down on it when his teeth are hurting him. He loves being lifted in the air. Loves his exersaucer. Jumping. Jolly jumper. His mom & dad (holla!), eating/nursing

Dislikes: teething, when josh or I walk into a different room…ha!, his snot sucker…which is unfortunate for him because him having any junk in his nose is one of my pet peeves.

Mama: I’m doing so well. This month has been one of the best months ever. I just said to Josh that this has to be one of the best stages because Caleb can’t really move (crawl), but he has really learned to entertain himself and play by himself. I can breathe, and get stuff done, and sit and watch him, and play with him. It’s the best. I feel incredibly blessed to be home with Caleb. I find lots of joy in being a stay at home mom and homemaker. I really enjoy providing for my family with a clean home and yummy meals, not that it’s perfect, at all. I was struggling last week with why the Lord has me in this position. I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. So many moms would love to be home with their babies…why do I get this gift? I like to regularly be out of my comfort zone, because being a follower of Christ isn’t the most comfortable thing (but it’s the most worth it thing!). We have to share when we are afraid, help when we’re tired, be the hands and feet of Jesus. Being comfortable isn’t exactly how we reach the lost and love those who need it most. I started asking the Lord to teach me in this time. I asked Him to show me how my two worlds could become one. How do I be this stay at home mom and serve not only my family, but this island we are living on. The very next day I had 3 different women come over for encouragement, coffee, conversation, and 2 of them stayed for dinner. That entire weekend ended up being packed with ministry appearing in a different way, and honestly, it wasn’t all comfortable at all. Some of the time and conversation were uncomfortable. Sometimes when people pop in, or the phone rings I beg the Lord for grace and strength. The Lord taught me that He will use me, even as a stay at home mom. He will use me to encourage people, and to feed mouths, and to warm up some kiddo’s coming in from the snow. As long as I’m open to being uncomfortable at times, to saying yes to the kids when I don’t want to, to taking the call when I’m so tired, to loving when it’s hard, He can use me. I have SO much joy in the place the Lord has called me, and that’s OKAY. It’s okay that some days I am so very comfortable and cozy in my home.  I never want to be so comfortable though, that I don’t want to inconvenience myself with being the hands and feet of Jesus. And much of the time, ministry is very enjoyable and even comfortable for me. I love women and kids, it blesses me so much to spend time with them. This is where the Lord has me in order to bring most glory to Him. That looks different for each person. I’m so grateful that the Lord has taught me in this season. I so desire Caleb to know no other life but one of service and love.  I have so much more to learn. So much more patience and gentleness to gain. I still complain and am lazy. I need the Lord’s grace and strength every single day.

Daddy:  Joshua is the bomb. Being a parent is so sanctifying, and Caleb doesn’t even talk. HA! Josh has grown so much since that little 8 lb 11 ouncer came into this world. He has been so selfless and hardworking. I don’t say those 2 things lightly. Those 2 characteristics aren’t natural (for any of us), and have come through prayer and grace. He is so crazy about Caleb. I asked Josh what he wanted me to say in this part and he said, “say that I am just really really proud of Caleb.” They are the sweetest. Love them. He put on the “Biblical Mind Maintenance” conference last month, and it was AMAZING! It was a 4 part series through Philippians. It was seriously so life changing for so many people. I am thankful that Joshua made himself available for the Lord to use, because it truly made an impact. I am working on trying to be able to get the weekend on DVD…I can’t really think of someone who wouldn’t benefit from hearing this series. 

Fun things we did: Caleb went to the Sunday School luncheon at church and got a nice gift! (He must be REALLY cute because he’s not even in a Sunday School class yet…cha ching! ;) ) Just yesterday we went to a playgroup called the Aboriginal Headstart program. We had a yummy breakfast. They have awesome programming here for children 0-6 and I fully intend to take advantage of the programs. It’s a great way for Caleb to interact with other kids throughout the week with mommy right by his side. & for right now, while he doesn’t really interact with other kids, it’s a great way for mommy to get through her tired morning! WOO!  

What we're looking forward to:  We are looking forward to Christmas as a family of 3! No big plans, but it will be nice to have a full day of being together! We are really looking forward to going to Georgia in 3 weeks! Now that Caleb’s passport has come in and we have our trip booked I get even more excited over every cute thing he does. Now I think…”ahhh, my siblings are not even going to be able to handle how cute he is!!!” I can’t wait to show him to the world. I am so proud to be his mom, and I can’t wait for everyone else to meet him and see how special he is. I’m also really excited to go to Philadelphia for a few days for Caleb to meet Josh’s side of the family! While I’m VERY excited for our trip…I’m dreading leaving my handsome hubby…this will be the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve been married! 

Before I leave you with pictures I just wanted to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. It is so wonderful to take a season to focus on Christ’s birth and spend time with family!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!