Wednesday, 9 July 2014

40 weeks!!!

Baby: Who knows how big he is!! I could find out his weight estimation at my ultrasound today...but I don't know if I want to know!!! :-0

How I'm feeling: Physically, I'm feeling pretty good! Some days I nap several times in a day, other days I don't need to nap at all! Emotionally...I am so ready for him. I can't believe my due date is just today. We've been waiting for him in New Liskeard for almost 2 weeks to just now be at my due date is a little rough. We are just dying for him to come!! :) But we know the Lord's timing is perfect!!!!! Just anxious :)

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty decent! At the house we are staying at we have a King size bed...which is AMAZING. I have to get up at least 4 times a night to use the bathroom, plus I have to roll over at least 3 times, so between all that it isn't quality sleep, but at least I have time to nap when I need...a luxury I may soon lose! :)

Workouts: Existing is my workout. Ha, just kidding..kinda. We've gone for a couple walks by the lake here in New Liskeard which is beautiful! When we are out and about during the days I'm pretty wiped out by the end.

Clothes:Wearing mostly maternity shorts and shirts when we go out and comfy clothes and tank tops when we are at the house! We did a pretty good job packing for this trip and have felt like we've had everything we need as far as clothes and the changing temps!
Cravings/aversions: It has been VERY nice having more food options in New Liskeard. We've gone out to this yummy restaurant a few times, plus have ground chicken and turkey available so my mama has made some really yummy dinners. She is feeling much better and has been so incredibly helpful. I've had a lot of turkey bacon lettuce tomato avocado sandwiches. mMmm. They have a Tim Horton's so I've had a few Birthday Cake Tim Bits (like dunk's Munchkins) The donut above is a Canadian Maple for Josh...those are pretty yummy! I've been eating lots of Peanut M&M's too! Ah. so bad but so good. It's been nice having a house with a full kitchen so we can eat really well and balanced meals!

Movement:  He is still my little mover!! Wish he would move on out and into my arms!!

What I'm loving: I'm loving that we are *hopefully* days, but at most 2 weeks away from meeting our little man. Thankful for the time with my parents...though I think we are all ready to get back to Moose Factory. Loved a lazy last night with Joshua, sitting in bed watching the Canadian Amazing Race and chatting. Love this miracle and gift.

Daddy: He is DYING to meet his son! It's been a little tough being away from home for him. He misses teaching and studying, and just the comforts of being home, but is still enjoying the relaxing time we've had. We are ready to kiss that sweet baby face.
We are just READY. Praying that he would come today!!!!!!
Thanks for reading our baby updates...hopefully the next one will be a picture of our little man!!!


  1. Ahhhh it's your due date!! So exciting. Praying for you little mama. :)

  2. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers! Very excited for you!!!

  3. Can't wait to meet your sweetie pie baby!!! xoxo Hang in there friend:) He's almost in your arms!


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