Thursday, 19 June 2014

37 weeks

{these are *around* 37 weeks--I've been sick with a cold the last couple days, so haven't taken a super recent picture}

Baby: Baby boy is 19.25 inches long and over 6 lbs!

How I'm feeling: I'm feeling okay! A few days after 35 weeks I hit a wall, and haven't been the same since! So tired, can't sleep at all, baby boy has dropped so there is lots of pain in my pelvic region, let's just say he can come tomorrow and I wouldn't be sad! :) As far as he goes, he's pretty much all ready...everything is developed, so we're waiting on him to make a move! 

Sleep:  Not sleeping very much at all. This makes for one crabby Kristen...just trying to help my husband learn extra patience before baby comes! ;) I roll over probably 50 x a night and wake up to use the bathroom every 2 hours. It's also pretty painful for my belly...I've tried fitting a pillow under it, but nothing seems to work! 

Workouts: We've been walking lately! Unfortunately the bugs have arrived in Moose Factory and they are BAD (we literally encourage people to come here in -40 degree weather, rather than the Summer because of how bad the bugs are!) So our walks have lessened since they've gotten here, + it's REALLY painful in my pelvic area to walk, but the doc says it's not bad pain, and I do like to still be active, so it's been worth it. I was doing yoga with a friend (non prenatal) and I was pretty excited about all that I was able to do even with this huge belly, but again, hit a wall about a week ago, so it's only prenatal yoga for me here on out! (which reminds me...I should do that today!!!)

Clothes: Clothes shmothes. I walk around the house in tank tops with my entire belly hanging out and shorts all day every day. I have two awesome pairs of maternity shorts from target that are still great at this point, but there have been really cold days lately, and I'm not fitting well into any of my prenatal pants because of the band over my belly. I always make a point to dress nice for church, so I've still managed to do that, but the other 6 days of the week I'm straight CHILLING.

Cravings/aversions: I haven't had too many cravings lately. Food hasn't been getting me as excited lately...WHOA...crazy, I know. I think it's just my cold at the moment. BUT, I did have the great idea of making BBQ chicken nachos the other week and OHH MYY GOODNESS. They were good! I've had them 3 x since :) (i guess maybe it still excites me a little ;) )

Movement:  Since he has "dropped" the movement has been different. Still very active, just different. (He has the hiccups right this second...AH, HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!) This will forever be one of my favorite parts of pregnancy...I feel so close to my little guy, and have had friends tell me that I'm extremely in tune to him and what he's doing, I've definitely felt that way! Love my little baby boy and our special bond!!

What I'm loving: Loving that in TOPS 4 weeks (though I think he'll be early...COME ON BABY) he'll be here!!!!!!! I've been so filled with excitement and anticipation to see what he looks like. To have him laid on my chest right after he arrives. To cuddle him and smell him and hold him and kiss him. These thoughts are definitely getting me through the tough and painful times. I'm loving the support and love we've received. I had a friend call me 2 days ago telling me she was spending the whole next day cooking freezer meals for Josh and me and asked us what we wanted. That kind of love and support is so amazing. I don't take it for granted. It's an undeserved blessing and I'm so so so grateful to our sweet Lord for showering us with love and grace. 

Daddy: He's the best. He's been really sweet in this uncomfortable time. Always telling me it's okay to cry, and holding me when I do. He even painted my toes a couple days ago because I said I couldn't go into labor with unpainted toes (I'm not ridiculous at all)  and heaven knows I'm too huge to do it myself!!! It was really special and sweet and loving and his comments were hysterical. I'll remember it forever. We were told to pack our bags yesterday, seeing that he could literally come at any time, so that was a pretty surreal thing.
We've both been pretty relaxed...enjoying our last days as the 2 of us.

It's been a little tough too with my mama in the hospital still having a very up and down recovery. I'm so uncomfortable and want him out, but I also know my mama will be sad to have missed it (though of course no one has control over that). Please continue to pray for her as they've now been in the hospital a week longer than expected. Pray for speedy recovery and that her million hour drive to Cochrane (and 5 hour train ride to Moosonee) can be comfortable!
You can also pray for my labor. I think every first time mom is a little apprehensive and nervous about labor. I mean the bible talks about labor pains like 4 million times...SCARY! Pray that I can get in the zone and get a hold of my mind and focus and breathe. My mind is my worst enemy in times like this, and I get panicky, so I'm really praying I can keep control of it and focus. 
Pregnancy has been by far one of the biggest blessings and neatest experiences of my life, and I pray I can say the same about labor (even through the pain). It's all just such a beautiful gift, and I am grateful!! 
Thanks for reading and for your prayers!!
A few pictures:
ready to walk!

BBQ chicken nachos...YUMMMM. Dang, now I'm gonna want these for dinner AGAIN.

{My friend Brittany and I made big chocolate chip cookies for all the men at church for Father's Day, and wrapped them up in tissue paper (thanks for the idea Martha) with a sticker saying "Happy Father's Day "Be strong and courageous" {Joshua 1:9} They loved it!)

This is our mode of transportation to the church in Moosonee in the Summer. I LOVE IT. The river is so calm early in the morning and absolutely beautiful!

This little cutie pie and I matched at church on Sunday (my friend Brittany's 8 month old, Raeya)

This man is a gem and I adore him.

{ever cool us in our hats...i LOVE him!!!!}


  1. Glad to hear the THREE of you are doing well! Your mom is in my prayers, especially that she'll be able to arrive in Moose Factory before my newest cousin does! ;)
    There's a blogger I've been following for awhile now who just had a baby, and she has some great posts about what she experienced and some advice she found helpful. I don't know how similar the experience is in hospitals in Canada, but I'm sure a lot of the advice would still be helpful:

  2. Haha! It's true! The Bible does talk a lot about labor pains now that you mention it. I hope yours is smooth sailing, though! Also, the picture of your husband painting your nails - too cute!


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