Wednesday, 4 June 2014

35 weeks!

 {35 weeks}

Baby: Baby boy is 18 inches, 5.25 lbs and about the size of a honey dew melon! HOLY MOLY!!!

How I'm feeling:  Physically, great! Some days I feel really big and uncomfortable.  I think the days when he has a little growth spurt, I feel it, and  feel whale’ish’, but most of the time I feel really good! Emotionally, overwhelmed with gratitude. Our trip to the States put me over the edge…we were SOOO loved on and supported, it was overwhelming in the best way possible. I am beyond grateful that we are so taken care of and that this little man is already so so so loved.

Sleep:  Sleep has been pretty rough, I toss and turn all night + get up to use the bathroom sometimes up to 3 times. It leaves me feeling crazy tired during the day. Last night though, I only got up once, and slept pretty well so for the first time in a while I don’t feel too tired today! I’m thankful for the preparation to be up all through the night when he’s here!

Workouts: While we were on vacation, I didn’t really work out, there was an occasional walk, but we were so so so busy, so I was still definitely very active. Right when we came back I got into going on daily walks + squats and lunges and yoga! Trying to be as active as I can these last 5 weeks!

Clothes:  When we were in the States I was able to buy some maternity shorts, and a few tank tops. Shorts and tank tops are definitely what I’m most comfortable in at this point, but it's been a little too chilly in Moose Factory for that, so comfy pants and sweat shirts have been a regular occurrence. Josh and I crack up when I put t shirts on to work out in our basement…they just ride up so much, they definitely don’t fit properly anymore.

Cravings/aversions: I’ve been really loving juicy things like watermelon, and tomatoes! My lunch for the past few days has been a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato on it. Mmm. Also, they had strawberry lemonade at my Georgia baby shower which I’ve been craving ever since, so once we got back to Moose Factory, I made my own version of that! So good. And unfortunately, I have definitely been craving sweets!!! We were doing SO great with not eating sweets before the States…but we definitely splurged while we were home…so now the hard part is going back to not eating them…probably not gonna happen…

Movement:  All day, every day. It was so fun being home and letting everyone feel his constant movement. There were always hands on my belly (which I love) and our boy never seized to show off! Sometimes (like right this minute) he likes to shove me in my rib cage. I just gently rub him until he moves. He is all up in my grill. He also moves a lot after I eat really yummy food...he's so gonna be a foodie like his mama!

What I'm loving: Loving that he’s so close to being here. Loving that we feel as prepared as we can. Loving that the Lord is continually teaching us and growing us so much to become a better spouse for one another, and better parents. Loving this stage in life…it has been SUCH a joy!!!

Daddy:  Joshua is so excited and anticipating the arrival of our baby boy. He says, “ As I learn more about, and ponder pastoring and parenting, I’m looking forward to seeing the over-laps and similarities between the two” Ever cool my husband. I love him sooo much. We were talking about how we wouldn’t mind if the baby came 2 weeks early…then realized that means he would be here in 3 weeks…wowzers, crazy. We are EXCITED!

What I'm looking forward to: I’m so looking forward to the arrival of our little guy. I’m looking forward to learning and growing in some area’s I really struggle with like stress and patience and being slow to speak. I’m looking forward to holding my little baby boy and taking it all in. I’m looking forward to fighting for joy in those early weeks when fatigue and uncertainty will want to win, you can pray for me about that if you're so inclined.

I’m just so grateful for this opportunity to be a mom. I’m thankful the Lord saw it fit to allow us this privilege. Our greatest desire is to honor Him in and through our baby boy. Thanks for reading!


  1. Ah! I'm so excited for you. I loved reading this! Now you have me wanting strawberry lemonade and grilled cheese. Yum!! You look adorable...all belly! :)

  2. Yay! He's so close to being here!


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