Wednesday, 12 March 2014

23 weeks!

{22 weeks 3 days}

Baby: Baby boy is 12 inches!!! 1.1 lbs!!! Growing boy!

How I'm feeling: Great! I've had lots of energy and nesting is starting to kick in....GREATEST thing ever!!! Especially since we are moving into a new house just 3 months after baby boy is born!! Gotta get ready!

Sleep: Pretty good, my dreams are CRAZY!!

Workouts: Doing some yoga, and keeping active around the house doing homemaker things! :) It's also starting to warm up here (as in 1 degree farenheit is warm), so we will be getting out for walks more soon!

Clothes: I'm wearing lots of comfy pants when I'm around the house. My regular pants are starting to get hard to zip, haha, so moving to mostly maternity pants for when I go out and about!

Cravings/aversions: In the past 3 weeks I've had 3 distinct meal cravings...all lasting for about a week each...first one was breakfast for dinner...mainly eggs and hash browns! Second thing was pulled barbecue chicken and baked beans...3rd is cream cheese bagel WITH chocolate milk. (still in that one..MMmMm). Trying to be super balanced in my diet, especially when I'm craving such bad things!! No real aversions lately...I still won't go near raw meat...but Joshua does it for me so it's not even something I think about anymore!

Movement: He's kicking like crazzzzzy! I read that he may start to get hiccups...I can't imagine his movement increasing, but we shall see! I love it!!!!! I love him letting me know that he's in there and doing well!

What I'm loving: That I'm finally getting a bump!! People can now just tell I'm pregnant, and not chubby! haha. It's been soooo fun this last week since it popped out a bit!

Daddy: Daddy is SO excited for his little man!!! He talks to him and rubs my belly often! The two of us make up a different name for him every day...I don't know that we'll ever settle!

What I'm looking forward to:I'm looking forward to our little beach getaway in May!! Just the 2 of us! Our first actual vacation since our honeymoon! Every time we go home it is wonderful, but soooo busy, so the first 5 days of our May trip home will be devoted to just the 2 of us at the beach! Then of course I'm SO excited to spend a week in Atlanta and a week in Philly!!


  1. Soooo excited for you sweetness! Can't wait! You look ADORABLE!!! Love ya xoxo


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