Wednesday, 4 September 2013

in the jungle, the mighty jungle

Long time no see.

We recently got back from the jungle!

Just kidding.

It really wasn't a jungle...but the bush just doesn't sound as cool.

I don't know what really constitutes a jungle...but we DID see a bear, and rabbits, and fish, and 2 little mice, and there WERE lots of trees!

I still can't really wrap my mind around how perfectly the Lord orchestrated everything.

It all goes back to last Summer...we had 2 girls, Danielle and Alaina up for the Summer and we got offered this crazy opportunity to take 12 kids out in the bush for a week.

It all happened so quickly, but we came up with 12 excited kids, and last minute, a man named John Carter from North Carolina who was coming here to meet a team the following week came along for the ride!

So last year the week was awesome...the kids loved it...we loved it...just amazing!

Fast forward a few months...this man, John Carter, was absolutely blown away by the opportunity we had in taking these kids out in the bush and developed quite a passion for it, such a passion that he set aside 3 weeks of this Summer to come back and go with us again!

So John, his daughter Stephanie, Alaina (from last year), her friends Rebekah and Josh, and a man named Bill all made their way to Moose Factory for our weeks at the Bush, also known as, Project George!
(Project George was created to give the kids an opportunity to do the things that their elders did, and keep them out of trouble by offering healthy and fun opportunities.)

So the first week we took nine 14 year olds & up!

came home for the weekend...

Second week we took twelve 12 & 13 year olds!

It was all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first week we had 3 kids surrender their lives to the Lord, the second week we aren't sure on the exact number, but the Lord worked deeply so we look forward to what will come to fruition.

Now, we are to disciple these kids who surrendered their lives to the Lord, we would love your prayers as we do this.

Our weeks in pictures:

We jump on the train and ride for about an hour and 15 minutes then get off in the middle of nowhere. 

Project George is sponsored by so many amazing companies, one of which being the train station, so all of our train tickets were complimentary. This is a 100% free trip for the kids AND us! Crazy!

After we get off the train we put our luggage onto a trailer pulled by a 4 wheeler then we walk 45 minutes down a trail that looks like this. The first week it was soooooo muddy that one of my rubbers got stuck in the mud and I couldn't catch myself so my foot came out of my shoe and into a pile of mud. it was awesome.

ummm...can you believe this GORGEOUSNESS is in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously...double oven, granite counter heart beats faster at those very words...yet, there is NO shower out there.



{this about sums up how all of us leaders felt by the end of the 2 weeks!!!}

Doesn't it look amazing??? Oh was!!!

We are already looking forward to next year!

Thanks for reading!!

{"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."}
Mark 10:45


  1. Incredible. What a beautiful way to witness to and serve others!! I know that you've impacted these young ones in ways that will bear fruit in the years to come! Keep up the beautiful work =)

  2. Oh my gosh...this is such an amazing opportunity for those kids!! It looks like so much fun! And wow...those fish!!!!

  3. What an amazing opportunity for those kids. This is awesome Kristen. So glad you had fun. And those fish!!! HUGE.

  4. What an amazing trip!!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and praise the Lord for the kids who gave their lives over to Him!

  5. Looks a little bit like a jungle to me! ;) And it looks like everyone had a really fun time!

  6. I found you via Hope Engaged. You are really such an amazing inspiration! And seeing those pictures of the Canadian bush make me so homesick. I'm from Manitoba but now I live in South Africa. I'm so glad I found your blog, and I'll be following along! X Jane

  7. that DOES look amazing! and now...thank to you...I have that song stuck in my head...."a weema-way a weema-way..."

  8. That looks like so much fun! I am loving Project George- what a great idea!

  9. That looks like so much fun! I am loving Project George- what a great idea!


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