Monday, 24 June 2013

tiny cancer, BIG GOD

My parents skyped me Friday to tell me that my mom has cancer.
She has stage 2 rectal cancer and will have to undergo chemo and radiation, as well as surgery.

In this week and a half since I found out, God has really been working.

For months and months I have been praying specific things for my family and I truly believe the Lord is going to use this to bring those things into fruition.

One thing that I keep on thinking about is that GOD IS NOT SURPRISED by these things.

God isn't surprised that my mom has cancer.

God isn't surprised when you lose someone you love.

God isn't surprised when anything devastating happens.

He already knew this would happen, and we can't see His whole plan!

I do pray that my mom will be fully healed, of course, but if the Lord so chose not to heal my mom, He wouldn't be surprised, and I would have to trust Him.

I know so much of my strength in this comes from my mom, she's amazing.

She feels honored that the Lord would trust her with this cancer.


She doesn't have one ounce of negativity toward this, but is looking to the Lord, expecting Him to do big things in this.

What a great example to me.

Josh and I watched a sermon (watch it by clicking this!!!) that really blew me away.

It encouraged us to LOVE God soooo much that we hold everything in this world with OPEN hands.

To be SO in love with Jesus that everything else pales in comparison.
I need to love my Jesus more than I love my mama. ("gasp!" my point, exactly)
I need to love my Jesus more than I love MY plans and how I think life should go.

I want this.

Because in my plans, my mom doesn't get cancer. 
She doesn't go through pain, and sickness and discomfort.
My family doesn't hurt from watching my mom hurt.
That's my plan.

But in this, God is still SOOO good, and really, I desire His plan.

That doesn't mean we can't be sad when sad things happen, but as believers we should have an overwhelming joy that comes from loving Jesus and knowing that He knows what He's doing!!! We should step back with gratitude and think, wow, what is God's plan in this??

I am beyond blessed that my mom gets this!
I can't imagine how many people she will be able to bless through this process.

We still would love your prayers.
Prayers for continual comfort and peace.

Prayers that my mom, and my family could be used to share the love of Jesus with people in this time.

Prayers that the Lord would use this to work deeply in my family.
Prayers that the Lord would keep me strong being so far away and unable to hug my mama.

Prayers for safety as my parents fly to Chicago on Wednesday to go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Thank you so very much.
 Please trust Jesus. Please know His plan is perfect. Please cling to Him in your times of trouble. 
Rest in Him. Cry to Him. 
Don't become bitter, because we can't see the whole picture, and we never will be able to, this side of Heaven.

{"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."}
Isaiah 55:8-9 

<3 Kristen

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

least consistent blogger award goes to...ME

Hello friends!
The worst and least consistent blogger ever is back.
What a whirlwind the last few months have been.
I truly can't get over how fast time flies.
We are almost closer to 2014 than we are to 2012! What?!?
Out of control.
 A lot has been going on in our world.
So much that I feel overwhelmed even starting this post.
Just two nights ago we were called to the ER around 9 PM to see a young girl who is struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. 
Never in my life have I seen someone in the state of mind that this girl was in.
To be honest, it scared me. It seemed like something was taking over her body at times and she was saying things that were scary and didn't make sense.
So we read the Word, encouraged her, and prayed over her.
She hadn't slept in 3 days at this point, so today I got an update from her grandma (her parent's are alcoholics and addicted to cocaine) that she has slept and is doing better and is in a much better state of mind. She will still have to be sent out to a psych ward in the next couple of days.
I've really noticed lately that the Community is reaching out to us like never before and we have been asked to be involved in so many things lately.
We are so grateful because that's the very reason we are here, to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
I got to help with 2 days of track and field with the kids. We were asked to babysit for 4 days this past week. I was asked to help run a girls program for the grades 5 & 6's. People have asked to come over to have coffee and chat. We were asked if we would like to run a Saturday sports program at the gym for our Youth Group...YES. Our Ladies fellowship is becoming known as the Ladies to go to to reach out to people in our community through care packages. We recently put a brunch on at the chapel. We have friends who we keep accountable that come over to chat and stay in the light. I've been at the school here so often lately that someone joked that I should just become an employee.
It's just been overwhelming, in the best way possible.
The Lord has really been answering our prayers to continually use us.
life lately via pictures:
{Our friends Josee and Dustin and their precious baby, Nevia. Dustin was killed in a helicopter crash 3 weeks ago this Friday. This was absolutely devastating to us and our community. The memorial we had in Moose Factory was absolutely beautiful and it was unbelievable to see the strength of Josee, her family and Dustin's family. When we went to meet his parents, they knew exactly who we were and thanked us for ministering to their son. That blessed us like crazy and encourages us to continue loving on everyone and sharing the love of Jesus. Life is but a vapor!}  

{Some of the girls from our Girl Power program on anti bullying!!! Love these girls!}

{Have to include my sweet spondor child, Caroline. She likes the color red, eating chicken, and wants to be a lawyer when she grows up :) }

{Josh and I have really been trying to change our lifestyle :) Really, I am, but I'm the cook, so he is reaping all the benefits. Instead of cutting everything out, we have been adding in lots of fruit and veggies. Naturally, over time we have stopped eating a lot of things, sugar being highest on that list. It's not always easy, but I know I feel better feeding my husband healthy food!}


{walks with my lovie love are my favorite!}

{Bread is probably one of my greatest weaknesses, so since I know I don't want to cut it out fully, I decided to start making my own so that I know EXACTLY what's going in it AND it's soooo much more delicious!}

{This is the first loaf I ever made! It was sooooooo delicious!}

{I made a BLT (turkey bacon) with the loaf above and it was out of this world good. Some Cauliflower baked potato broccoli cheddar soup on the side, and salad made it perrfeecctt.}

{My favorite sweet lately has been dark chocolate covered pretzels. I buy the fancy really dark chocolate and make these myself on my stove, then put the whole bag in the freezer so I can grab these when I have a sweet tooth opposed to something else (not that we have anything else in the house...muahaha...Joshua hates these)}

{Let's step away from food for a's one of my biggest passions in life. This little cutie baby 5 year old is who we babysat for those 4 days. Him and his older brother (8) were complete angels. }

{it was bright out :) the pretty lodge in the background. Come visit us, you can stay there (actually you can stay at our house, but you can walk down the road and look at it :)) }

{The sunsets in Moose Factory are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It's like our little gift every night! }

{This guy blesses the mess out of me. I loovvveee him so much. Being his partner in this life is such a gift that I do not take for granted. I cherish his friendship and love so very much! AND he mows the lawn, which is a bonus.}

{On Saturday Joshua and I had a brunch that he spoke at at 10 AM, our Saturday Games with the kids at 1:30, then quickly came home and showered and jumped on a boat to Moosonee to have an early dinner with our friends Kevin and Norma. After dinner Norma and I had a baby shower to attend, so Josh and Kevin and another man named Bill spent time together! I had such a great time at the Baby Shower. I really like all the women from the church in Moosonee so very much! Norma and I went back to her house around 9, then Bill took us to get our boat home to Moose Factory. Only problem was, there were NO more boat taxi's. They all turned in for the night. So Bill, at now 10 PM at night, took us to his house, we chatted with his wife and 2 daughter in laws while he prepped his boat to put in the water, then we drove down to the water where he put his boat in and he took us across. Half way there he stopped and told us to turn around. We turned around to the most beautiful sunset ever (yes, at 10:15 at night). I wish my little old 3GS Iphone could have captured the intense colors. I've never seen a red like that in the sky before! It was such a blessing and we were all blown away by how beautiful the work of the Lord is.}

We still feel so very blessed and grateful to be living here in Moose Factory! 

God is good ALL THE TIME!!!

<3 Kristen

"In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding."
Ephesians 1:7-8
{beautiful, thank you, Lord}