Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lord, give me one - Volume 1

Thursday morning, 2 weeks ago, I sit and I ask the Lord to give me my one.

Put someone in front of me that I can love like You, Lord.

Later that I day, I get it.

I receive a message from a friend in Moosonee asking if I could babysit a daughter of one of her fellow nurses for a few days.

We say yes!

The woman from Moosonee tells me that this could be a great opportunity to share the love of the Lord, I get even more excited!

So the woman and her little 2 year old come over for a visit on Saturday and we begin watching her early Sunday morning.

Right before the mom heads to work she says, “I just need to tell you that we have a lot of problems with her father, he can’t see her, I don’t think he’ll try to do anything, but if he does, call the cops.”


K, yeah, totally normal and used to this, have a good day at work!    ??? 


I’ve always known that domestic violence and verbal abuse happen on the island, but I had never been in the midst of it. Until this day.

We take the sweet 2 year old to Church, and she escapes her Sunday school class mid service to run out and see Josh, who is preaching by the way, because she just missed “uncle” so much. She called him “Uncle” the entire time. Hilarious. And precious. Thank goodness kids escape Sunday school often in our church and people aren’t surprised to see 2 year olds running or riding bikes down the aisle in the middle of service. Oh Moose Factory. ANYWAY…

Later that afternoon I’m watching Little Mermaid with the little girl when I get a phone call from her mom.

“I just wanted to let you know that her father came to my work and harassed me and threatened me. His last words before he left were that he was going to search the entire island until he finds her.”

I feel sadness for the mom. 

She’s pained. 

She feels defenseless.

I assure her that we will keep her little girl safe, inside, and not to worry.

The time comes to drop her off at her house.

It is 7:45 and Josh is in the middle of preaching, so though a little nervous, I go alone.
I pull in front of the house, observant of my surroundings, and looking to see if anybody is watching, I don’t feel anybody.

I pull past the house a little bit to turn around, and I get STUCK. I mean completely, dug inches into the snow, stuck.

I had such a peace. I just got out of the car, got the 2 year old and the millions of bags that go along with a 2 year old and we slushed through the snow to get to the front porch.

I knocked. No answer. I rang the doorbell several times, no answer.

I start to feel a little more nervous because she should have been home by now.

We wait for 10 minutes on the front porch, but the later it was getting the colder it was getting so I decided to take the little girl, leaving behind 2 bags on the porch, back to the car to wait for her mom.

I started praying that the Lord would send someone to get me out from being stuck, not realizing then that that was all part of the Lord’s plan to protect me and this little girl.

I figure that eventually, Josh will realize everything isn’t okay and would come looking for me after church, so I’m still not in panic mode.

Only 2 minutes go by when I realize that I think I know the person that lives down the street. I don’t ever remember anyone telling me she lived there, I honestly don’t know how I knew, but the Lord led me to her door. 

I got the two year old and we once again, walked a little further through the snow, ankle deep, to this neighbor’s house. 

I ask her if I could use her phone to call the chapel, thinking service would be over. 

When I walk in her house, I see my sweet husband on the TV, and her with her bible out taking notes.

That brought joy to my heart in the midst of an uneasy situation.

I knew this woman was a Christian, but it still brought me joy.
I call the Hospital looking for her mom, because by now she should have been home over 20 minutes ago.

They said she left a while ago.

A minute later, I see a man walking down the road and I just had a feeling.

I asked the neighbor who that man was, and she said, “oh, that’s her father!!! I’ll just open the window and yell out to him!” She began opening the window, but thankfully before she could yell to him, I said, “no, no, no, no, no!”

She understood instantly. 

She actually understood all too well. 

Because this woman, she went through this too. She went through domestic violence for a long time.

I see the man walk back down the street, now away from the house.

5 minutes later, I finally see her mom walking down toward her house. 

I, as quietly as I could got her attention and asked her to come into her neighbors house who she hardly knew.

She looked upset.

She told me that her baby’s dad cussed her out at the end of the street and was threatening her.

She collapsed in my arms and I just held her and prayed for her as she sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

I pray, Lord, let this ONE feel your LOVE.

I begin to feel overwhelmed thinking about how the Lord had just protected me and the little girl.

Had I not driven further to turn around, I would have just waited in the car right in front of the house, and her dad would have seen us instantly when he walked up.

He could have walked up when we were waiting on the porch for 10 minutes, but he didn’t.

He could have walked up when I was completely defenseless when we were walking to the neighbor’s house, but he didn’t.

The thought of him coming and ripping her from my arms horrified me, and I am so thankful that the Lord completely protected us and made the timing absolutely perfect so that we couldn’t be in harm’s way.

The mom, the neighbor and I all sit at the kitchen table and talk while we wait for Josh to come and get me out from being stuck.

The mom starts venting, and the Lord blows my mind again while the neighbor completely relates, and encourages. She REALLY knows, she REALLY relates, and she’s the neighbor who I chose to ask for help.

Only God.

The men come, they get me unstuck.

I ask the mom if they would like to spend the night at our house, and though she appreciates the offer, she wants to get home to pack so she can get out of Moose Factory ASAP.

When she had finally assured us that there was nothing else we could do, I go, balling my eyes out, out to the car.

I ask Joshua to bring the mom the rest of the little girl’s belongings, and the second he pulls the stuffed animal out of the car, the dad walks by, carrying the two bags I had left on the front porch.

He saw it and recognized it in a heartbeat.

“WHERE IS SHE?” He says angrily.

The dad put two and two together and starts walking toward the neighbor’s house.

Josh says, “You can’t go in there.” And very calmly but firmly lets the guy know that he is serious.

Josh tells me to lock myself in the car and I’m just hysterical, crying and praying that the Lord would protect mom and baby, praying that this situation could be healed, praying that He could do a miracle.

Finally, after 10 minutes of seeing the neighbor, who knows the baby’s dad, come out and talk and then seeing the dad respond, I realized that he wasn’t being violent and that it would be safe for me to walk through the men on the porch to go inside and comfort the mom and baby some more.

As I slip by I grab the two bags, knowing that the little girl needs those toys in the bag to calm and comfort her.

As I walk in the cops come.

We all get questioned.

The mom gets to explain her whole side of the story, as she has had to do before, and I stood close by making SURE that she was getting treated well.

The baby’s dad’s brother is on the same police force and in a place as small as Moose Factory, corruption is rampant, so I was close by to put my foot down if I needed to.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to. The man, who had just come back to the police force after being suspended for abusing his wife, was pretty nice with her, and finally after about an hour they escorted the dad away.

Josh said, “Too bad he saw the stuffed animal.”

And I thought, No, that was the Lord too!

The mom got to protect herself and her daughter, while safely and cozily in her neighbor’s home, with the biggest support system she had seen in years. 

She got to go home that night feeling a lot safer, knowing that the cops would lock him up if he committed one more act of harassment.

The mom said, “wow, we were so lucky.”

And I said, “it wasn’t luck, it was the Lord.”

We got to share a little with her that night.

Then again the next morning.

She and her daughter took off for her hometown just 2 days after this incident but I have been able to keep in touch with her and share a little more.

This woman is heavily into Native Spirituality and is definitely not a Christian.

But in just one night she got to be overwhelmed with the love of the Lord by not only Josh and me, but also by the neighbor. 

I couldn’t stop thanking the Lord for my one. 

I haven’t stopped praying for that ONE, praying that more seeds would be planted, praying that she would submit her life to Jesus, and love Him the way He loves her. Praying that this little girl would grow up to know and love the Lord. Praying that the Lord would protect her from the terrible things she’s had to witness at such a young age.

We even had an awesome opportunity to talk to the baby’s father, and hear his story of how he is Christian, but walked away from the Lord. 

He said he sometimes see’s Josh on TV, so again, we pray, and we believe.

Is this situation completely healed?


Did we heal this woman’s heart?

No way.

We can’t heal anything.

HE is the Healer.

He is the giver of LIFE.

He just called us to love.

And so we did, and now we trust and we pray and we love some more.

{ My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. }
 Psalm 62:1-2


  1. Kristen, you had me crying with this post! So thankful that the Lord preserved you guys in the midst of a crazy situation and that you were able to share the love of Christ! Praying for you guys and Moose Factory!

  2. Beautiful post and recognition of God being in control of our situation. I am so in awe of your obedience. Kristen, it was awesome talking to you today!! (And I even called you Kristen) :)

  3. yooo, I am sitting in class and I am SO overwhelmed by this story...shoot, the ONLY conclusion you can take from this is that the Lord is so great in His faithfulness. From your prayer for ONE, to this precious child, and the safety you felt throughout this whole experience. I definitely teared up a couple times visualizing you carry this baby through the snow, thinking that this could have gone much worse, but GOD was so good to carry this out according to HIs plan. this was so wild to read and visualize, b/c it felt like a thriller movie. and then it would hit me that these are my friends Kristen and Josh! This story really impacted me in a strong way, and i feel very encouraged right you guys :)

  4. what a beautiful story of God making you His hands and feet. Love in action - the most beautiful kind.

  5. what a beautiful story of God using the two of you to be His hands and feet. May it be just one of many seeds that God will plant in this little family's hearts.

  6. Oh, wow. What an awesome opportunity you two had to truly be there and serve and love someone who needed love. I'm sure that the seeds you planted in your actions will be able to grow.


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