Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday - One Thousand Gifts

Hey y'all! 
This is the second week of reading through Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.
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 I want to live. Fully live.

When Josh preaches he digs deep into scripture and often looks at the Greek and Hebrew words and finds so many more treasures than appear at the surface.
When I began to sit under that kind of teaching, and even study that way a bit in my personal time with the Lord, I began to grow and grow in the Lord.
Ann did the same in this chapter, and from it, her entire life was changed.

  1. to be grateful, feel thankful
  2. give thanks

 There is so much depth to this chapter, I don't know if I can quite do it justice.
The Lord reminded me of something huge through my reading, and I am so grateful!

 "On the night when he was betrayed, the Lord Jesus took some bread and gave thanks to God for it. Then he broke it into pieces..."
1 Corinthians 11:23-24

More than anyone in this world, I want to be like JESUS.
I want to walk like him, talk like him, think like him, love like him... the list goes on.
I'm grateful for scripture and the amazing picture we get of the way Jesus lived.
It shows me so clearly how I want to live.

As it says above, on the night when Jesus was to be arrested, which He clearly knew was going to happen, He paused, and He gave thanks for the gift (bread) from God.

That's enough for me!!!

What an example!!!!!
 What a testimony!!!!!

What a GIFT to have that in scripture and to see that Jesus did it, in the scariest time in His life, when He knew very well what was about to happen, He GAVE THANKS.

I tried it out.
Not just giving thanks for one or a couple things, but changing the way I think.
To give thanks in EVERYTHING.
Ann says, 
"Thanksgiving is inherent to a true salvation experience; thanksgiving is necessary to live the well, whole, fullest life." 
(page 39)

 I found something out in my Thanksgiving adventures.
When you choose to live in a state of thanksgiving, and when you change your thinking to a thinking that is grateful for everything, that's just what happens, you become grateful for EVERYTHING!

I think Jesus was grateful for everything, the little things:
a place to stay, his parents, his brothers, the food he ate, the clothes he wore.

If He did it, I want to do it with my whole life.
I want to live in a continual state of giving thanks, and I believe too that it will cause me to live life to the fullest.

It's our choice if we are going to be content and thankful in what we do have, 
or not be thankful and wish for more.
I personally want to be happy and full of joy, and that usually happens when I'm content.
I can choose this for my own life?
You can too! 

I can choose to be SO grateful for the jeans that I do have, and stop thinking that I really want a new pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans. Really, when I stop, and am truly thankful for the jeans I do have, I forget about the ones I don't have. SWEET!

I can choose to be grateful for the house I live in rather than looking on instagram and seeing people with cooler bigger houses than me. I can literally say I AM THANKFUL FOR MY HOUSE, mean it, and then I'm content.

This may all sound crazy, but I REALLY found that the more I made my thinking steer toward thanksgiving, the easier it was to be content in what I do have.

Our brains are amazing, it's a fight at times, but when we make it move from jealousy, constant desire for more, etc... to thanksgiving, it will get easier and easier to be thankful in all things!

For this lesson and reminder, I AM THANKFUL!!!

This week I have ALSO been thankful for:

1) homemade hot chocolate
2) buying my first ever turkey to host an American Thanksgiving
3) The ability to work out
4) The ability to clean
5) Recipes from Pinterest
6) Talking to my Uncle Todd on the phone
7) Reading a Psalm a day and talking about it with my hubby
8) Fellowship with those from our church
9) New knitting needles and yarn
10) The Christmas station on my Pandora like (no Pandora in Canada) App!

Have a wonderful THURSDAY!!!



  1. love this girl. you write with SUCH genuiness, and I love that you share so many stories from your life! so so real. thank you for spurring me on towards Christ. Wish you could fly out to california NOW! haha, love you! love Katie

  2. I love how you threw in the fight within's so hard sometimes with social media not to be jealous and compare yourself with others, but just like with everything else, choosing to be thankful will come with practice and is something that you have to do intentionally!

  3. I love your genuine voice throughout this post. And I agree, so much to cover for one chapter! I'm loving this book so far and this week was so relevant. Thanking Him for you today sweet friend :)

  4. I have that problem with clothes "ahhh I just want those shoes sooo bad" "man I NEED that jacket its so cute!" you are right we need to be so very thankful for the clothes that we do have, among other things <3 great post.<3

  5. love these thoughts. I just love that God's gift to us is enough, and we just need to be thankful. It puts all of life's worry in perspective.

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