Monday, 5 November 2012

If you pray for rain, bring an umbrella!

The Lord has been continually putting FAITH on my heart and mind for the past month & it has really been rocking my world and revealing how little faith I have. 

The church Josh grew up in has been so loving and supportive since we have been here and sent us a care package with so many goodies and this little book called “Stories of Faith”. The “Stories of Faith” was written for and given out at the Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia’s 2012 Women’s Conference.

The book is filled with stories of Faith from different women around the world, some of whom I know personally.
 The first day I started reading it I read the first 6 stories and was a MESS. I was crying like a baby and went through half a box of tissues. 

I was genuinely moved to tears by woman after woman living out Faith though cancer hit them, or a death of a loved one shook their world; Though plans failed and promises appeared to be broken; Though family members have fallen away from the Lord, and tragedy strikes at the worst time, these women LIVED out Faith.

I decided to slow my reading down and take this whole faith thing in stride.
While taking my time reading through the book I would occasionally listen to one of the Talks from the Women’s Conference. 

Rocked my world, for realz. 

If y’all want to listen to the talks, you can do so here:
& just listen to any or all of the 5 messages there in the 2012 Women’s conference section.

It’s like I told my best friend earlier this week, no one ever isn’t in need of more Faith. 
I had Joshua listen to one of the Message’s with me and we both felt so convicted.
Is the Lord our true SUBSTANCE?
Do we believe Him to really change Moose Factory?
Do I really have faith in the fact that He can do what I perceive to be the impossible?
My faith is weak.

I’m grateful for this wake-up call that the Lord CAN DO ANYTHING, I just must believe.
If I’m going to pray for rain, and I don’t bring my umbrella, do I REALLY believe it’s going to rain???
I must live in a way that is EXPECTANT of the Lord and in a way that reveals that I believe He can do ANYTHING!

Many stories in the Talks moved me greatly, but some of the simplest ones just helped me to take a step back.
One of the speakers at the conference told stories of growing up in a Missionary family who served in Mexico.
Her family trusted in the Lord for EVERYTHING. NO decision was made without praying, and everything was seen in light of Eternity. I want this for my life. I want my kids to see this in me and grow up witnessing this kind of faith.
The speaker, Nancy Sylvester told a story of her sister, Joy.
When Joy was young she got sick, and the family was told that she wouldn't live long, and if she did, that she would be a vegetable.
Joy did live though, and wasn't a vegetable but did have a mental dissability.
The family continued to minister in Mexico, but were not accepted by the Mexican people.
No one in the family was accepted, accept Joy.
The people loved Joy and couldn't help but be overwhelmed by her infectious joy.
Joy would bring bibles and resources to the houses of the people, and though she couldn't verbally tell them about Jesus, she showed them His love and shared with them materials that could better explain the God she loved.
A few years later Joy went to be with Jesus, and little by little the family found out of the many people who came to know the Lord through Joy and her joy.

 The tragedy that happened to Joy could have broken this family.
They probably could have justified taking a break from being Missionaries.
They certainly could have lost some faith.
They didn't though.
They clung to Jesus, and He showed up.
He used the most unexpected family member to share His love and bring people to Him.
That's real faith.

Lately when I’ve been praying I’ve been reminded that the Lord loves me so much and can make my impossible, possible.
I don’t know where y’all are at today, but I’m sure you are in need of some extra Faith. Aren’t we all?
Do we have a family member who isn't walking with Jesus? Do we have a friend/family who is suffering through a sickness? Do we need faith to know that Jesus REALLY holds our future in His hands?  

Trust in Jesus. 

Pray to Him and BELIEVE that He can do anything.

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” –Hebrews 11:1


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this post! I needed to read it.

  2. YOU inspire me girl! Thank you for bringing this truth...SO GOOD. I want to step out and live a life of real FAITH. I want to read this to Kevin tonight when I get home, as we are praying about so many things and how to step into what God has for us!! I can't wait to catch up on your blog since i've been gone!!! MIss you girl!

  3. I just recently started blogging and found your page, what a Godly woman you are and I admire that beyond belief. This is a great post and it touched my heart<3 youre awesome :D

    1. Thanks so much! So grateful the Lord spoke to your heart through it! Xo


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