Wednesday, 26 September 2012

23 days

We have a doctor friend who comes into Moose Factory for bits of time to work, and then goes home to Toronto to work for the other part of the time.
He says that those coming into Moose Factory to work(like my husband and me) should get out every 3 months to clear your head and to refresh yourself because it's no secret that Moose Factory can be a dark and sad place.

It's been 7 months since Joshua and I have been here and we have YET to have a little getaway.

I truly feel like the Lord has been keeping us and taking care of us because we are doing pretty well, but I'll tell you what, we are READY for a little vaca! :)

So in exactly 23 days, on my sweet Hubby's birthday, we will be getting on a boat, then train, then bus, then PLANE and head to TORONTO for one WHOLE week!!!!!! I can't wait to travel with the Love of my LIFE and see my family on the other side!!!

We are RIDICULOUSLY excited!!!!!!

Here is what I'm looking forward to MOST about our trip:

This is BY FAR what I'm looking forward to MOST!!! I get to see my family!!! I SO wish I could see my whole family, and will greatly miss my brother, David and his wife Kat, and my sister, Erin (they're the two on the far left), but I CAN'T wait to hug my mom, dad, and little baby brother, Marky Sparky!!! Yes, I still treat him like he's 5, even though he's 20. We are going to explore Toronto, which is a new city for me, and I am beyonndd a city girl, we will play games, SHOP till we DROP, Eat yummy food, and just BE TOGETHER! :) Can you tell I'm excited?

Food would NATURALLY be second on my list of what I'm most excited for. My girlfriend asked me the other day if there was a Starbucks in Moose Factory. I almost stopped breathing at the very thought of that. The answer is noooo wayyyy. There is nothing incredibly yummy here, which is why I can't wait to chow down on DELICIOUS food. Mexican and Italian are our favs. Oh...I cannnnoottt wait, and hope I don't gain 30 pounds in one week.

I can't wait to shop in general, but I miss thrift stores soooo much. I've already google mapped where some are in location to our Condo. We are also staying in walking distance to the Biggest Mall in Canada. Dangerous. I'm actually not the worlds biggest shopper. I totallly love deals, hence the Thrift store, and with the amount of things that I need to prepare for the collldd winter ahead, I hope that they don't fail me! Oversized sweaters, boots, and scarves are a muusttt have for the negative temperatures ahead!

I love going to places I've never been and I am THRILLED that we get to go to Niagara Falls. How gorgeous is this? Woo. I'll bring back lots of pictures!!!

Michael's couldn't even be included in the other shopping mention above because it's in a category of it's own! I can't wait to have all the craft supplies that I don't have available to me here. I've been into making greeting cards lately so I'm excited to get some better supplies to do that over the cold long winter, along with more yarn to knit! I'm grateful the Lord has given me more of a love for crafty things since I've been here, not only because I've always wanted to be creative, but also to keep me busy on days when we are slow!

Lastly, I'm just excited to get away and be in a huge city. I've been praying that this time away truly refreshes us and makes us come back on fire and excited to continue doing whatever the Lord puts in front of us. I pray that seeing my family would be the breath of fresh air that I need and that when I leave them I'm not a complete wreck. I'm so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and pray that the Lord would even use this for His good!!!

23 days to go!!! 

Hope y'all are having a great week!

Monday, 17 September 2012

I never want to be content

I never want to be content.
In my walk with the Lord, that is. 

I never want to feel okay with where I am at. 

It’s okay to be SOOO HAPPY with where the Lord has brought me, but the day I stop fighting to be better and look more like Jesus Christ, is the day that I cause the Lord to want to SPIT ME OUT! (Revelation 3:16)

The Lord has stretched and grown me a lot since we’ve moved to Moose Factory.
I don’t say that to brag on me at all, but to brag on HIM.

I have asked the Lord daily to get rid of Kristen and make me more like Jesus Christ.

This request brings me to tears at times because that’s how desperately I want it.

You know, even when I moved to Moose Factory, I didn’t always want it.
Some people may feel frustrated because they WANT to WANT to be more like Jesus, but that overwhelming desire isn’t there.

My answer for that is my answer for everything.

When I was witnessing my husband’s life being turned upside down daily by his earnest seeking of the Lord and seeing how he desired the Lord soooo much, I wanted to want that.

So I asked the Lord to please fill be with desire for Him.

Don’t you think that kind of prayer would make our Heavenly Father so happy and want to answer?

He has answered, and He has given me an unbelievable desire to be more like Him
So after the desire came, and the prayers to be more like Him were spilling out of my mouth every day, the pain rolled on in.
I wish I could say that becoming more like Jesus doesn’t hurt.
But it does.

Sometimes though the Lord just shows us His grace, and betters us without the pain.
What I mean is, often He takes us through trials, and they are painful, but I’ve also had moments when I realize that the Lord just plain and simple showed me His grace and carried me through something.

Examples=vulnerability, so here I go.

I often times see how little love I have for people.
No one would ever think it, and I am a very loving person, but I’m talking being overwhelmed with love that it pours out of me from every angle.

Jesus was that way. I want to be that way.

Well a few weeks ago, while with a bunch of people, God just FILLED me with HIS love.
In that very second I thought to myself, Wow, this is God’s grace!!!
There was nothing painful about it, it was just WONDERFUL.

Those are super sweet moments, but the painful times when the Lord is sanctifying us are sweet too.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” John 15:1&2

When I began leading the women’s ministry in Moose Factory I became a little overwhelmed.

I SO felt like and do feel like the Lord speaks through me and guides me fully when I lead on our Monday night bible study, but there is still something intimidating about leading women 2x, 3x even 4x my age. 

I personally would say I have no business doing it, but since the Lord says otherwise I just walk in faith and trust that His spirit in me will do the leading.

Though I believe He FULLY leads on Monday nights, on our fellowship nights (Thursday’s) I allowed myself to get in the way.

I was quenching the spirit in a sense because I was so worried about organizing everything and everything going well rather than letting the Lord take over.

I prayed a lot about our first women’s fellowship night and when it was finished I felt kind of dry.

When I leave things related to church, I want the women around me and myself to feel encouraged and closer to the Lord.
 That wasn’t really the case.

A few weeks later I sat and talked with a woman in the church and she agreed that our first fellowship was dry and that the Lord wasn’t lifted up as He should have been.

In a way I felt that I had failed.

Later that day though I realized that the Lord was answering my prayer, just differently than I expected.

This conversation with this woman showed me that I was over thinking things and just needed to let the Lord lead!

This moved me so much and even made me re-think how I go about the girl’s nights I host for the 11-13 year old girls.

This was a painful experience for me because of course I don’t like to fail, but the Lord so graciously showed me where I was falling short, and encouraged me to continue on.

This past weekend we had a girl’s night for the young (un-churched) girls of Moose Factory and I started in prayer, ended and prayer and talked with the girls about why Brittany and I do these girls’ nights for them, because of JESUS.

The whole night was centered on Jesus, as it should be.

I’m grateful that the Lord interrupted me, though painful, to help me to re-focus.

I’m grateful for the step I took back to see where I was organizing OUT the Holy Spirit.

I never want to be content with where I am at; I always want to fight for more.

I encourage y’all today to ask the Lord to truly do a work in you.
When the pain comes, joy should come also, because He’s working in you!!!
Praise the Lord!
I hope y’all have a great week and I pray that you would be challenged to seek Jesus!

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Hey everyone!
We've finally settled down a bit since our Hockey Camp last week!
It's been nice to get some rest this week and SO nice to do some projects that make me feel at least a little productive!

I told y'all that we were gifted many amazing things last week!
Some of those things were 5 clear vases.
I've been wanting vases for a while to do a project with so I was THRILLED.

I'm the WORST at taking before pictures, BUT some of these vases had a little paint on them and weren't presentable, and the others were clean, but just needed a little change!

I knew I wanted my vases to be white with a gold accent, so I painted accordingly for the design I wanted.
I've gotten three done so far!

With this one I painted then spray painted the whole thing white, and then I put tape on the vase accordingly, then I spray painted the gold on.

With this one I spray painted gold in the top portion of the vase, then when it was dry I placed tape on it as best as I could in the Chevron pattern, then painted and spray painted it white, then removed the tape!

And then I did this one!!! Same idea as above! 

Here they all are! I'm super in love with them!

I look forward to doing these two:

I'll post some pics when I'm done with them!

Since I showed y'all my frames , I haven't finished any new ones, but I did add a little something to the coral one:

I LOVE twine and thought it would be super cute wrapped around my frame, I like how it turned out!

& lastly, 

I have my quiet time in the living room every single morning and with that comes my Bible, My Utmost for His Highest, the current bible study I'm working on and my Kindle with The Pursuit of God.

Though if ANY books had to be making a mess, I would want it to be those ones, I thought that there must be a way to have them conveniently out in my living room, but still look nice.

Enter TRAY!

I love trays! Trays enable you to have a bunch of junk out, but STILL look put together.
Trays are the bomb and I love how they look too!

 I didn't want to buy a tray here because everything costs like a million dollars, so I took a large frame that I bought at a yard sale for $1, painted it white, sanded it, y'all know I like that rustic look, placed canvas underneath the glass and there was my perfect tray!

I love it!

Okay, I said that was last but the last one is really small.

I took some of the left over canvas and made MUCH needed coasters! They aren't fancy at all, but I like the rugged look and they get the job done!

So those are the projects I've been up to!

Just want to leave y'all with a verse that I read this morning that I am grateful for:

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom."
2 Corinthians 3:17

Thankful for Freedom in Christ and that His Freedom and Spirit live IN me!!!

Have a great day y'all!!! :)