Friday, 24 August 2012

sweet epiphany

Yesterday during my quiet time I cried a little, then some more, then even more.

I’m a crier.

I cry during the Olympics, I cry during commercials, and I definitely cry when I’m spending time with the Lord.

As I was praying for Moose Factory I became so overwhelmed with sadness for everything that goes on here.
The suicide, the drugs, the alcohol, the bullying, the worshiping of false gods, the lack of parenting, the lack of love in general.
It breaks my heart on a daily basis.

This time though, in mid prayer I had an epiphany.
I stopped and thought about how sad this must make God.
More tears, obviously.
Our sweet and loving Father is probably HEARTBROKEN over all that goes on in this corrupt world, and I don’t even know the most of it, I’m sure.

I took a step back and realized, I have the opportunity amongst all of this sadness to bring the Lord joy!
Or, I can sin and disobey and lie and cheat and not love and gossip, and just ADD to the sadness.

This made me want to do anything in my power to NOT make God sad and to bring him JOY.

There will always be an overflow of sin in this world.
There will always be people who break the Lord’s heart.

So why not fight to bring the LORD JOY, because Heaven knows He fights for you and me!
I just want to make Him smile.

Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective challenges and moves you to act.
That’s what this epiphany did for me, hope you can be encouraged!

Have a fabulous weekend and love on our SWEET Jesus, He’s SOOO sweet!


  1. how encouraging is this:) thank you for always inspiring my perspective girl. hope your weekend is so beautiful! love ya, Katie

    1. Thank you for the exact same thing!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!! :) Did you get my last email? Want to make sure you know I didn't forget about you!


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