Monday, 13 August 2012


I've been going through a 12 week study with the women of my Church on personal revival.
It has been such a phenomenal study filled with so many of the beautiful basics of Christianity such as humility, repentance, honesty, grace, and obedience.
God has really been using it in my life and pruning my branches (John 15) as I go through it on a daily basis.
Though he has used many of the topics and scripture to transform me, the one that has just boggled my mind is this weeks study through obedience.

John 14:15 states it clearly when it says, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments."
Though of course I have heard this my entire life, the consistency of reading it throughout this week has truly been moving me.
If I love God, I will obey him.

Del Fehsenfield Jr. has a quote that I love:
"Partial obedience, delayed obedience, and surface obedience to impress others are not acceptable to God. He is looking for men and women who will respond with instant, complete wholehearted, and joyous obedience each time He speaks"

So I got to thinking, when I feel the Spirit inside telling me not to do something do I instantly, joyfully and wholeheartedly listen?
No, I definitely do not always do this.
Something I'll be sharing with the women tonight is how the Lord has been putting it on my heart to spend less time on my Iphone. I am SO hooked on being in the know with family, friends and the WORLD that far too often I spend far too much time connected.
Lately, when I reach for my phone I feel the Spirit saying, "Stop, Kristen.", so I decide to just do it really fast, as if that's in some way listening. 
That doesn't sound wholehearted to me.

What does this disobedience give me?
Not fulfillment.
If I truly and genuinely want to be as close to my Savior as possible, which I do, then I need to know that He knows what is best for me and I need to obey.
If I want to feel the fulfillment that He brings, which I do, then I need to simply OBEY!

Del Fehsenfield Jr. also said, "In order to experience revival, most of us do not need to hear more truths; we simply need to obey that which we already know."

I love how Jesus loves us so perfectly and intimately and wants us to know He cares.
I've truly been trying to be more obedient and listen to His still small voice.
So pretty regularly I watch a cooking show that I love.
Immediately after this show is over one of those trashy Jerry Springer like shows comes on so naturally I just turn the TV off or change the channel.
The other day though I heard the first 30 seconds of the show and my flesh was intrigued. 
I don't even remember what the topic of the show was now, but all I know was that for a second, the thought crossed my mind to stay tuned.
In that second though, I felt a tug from the Spirit saying, "Kristen, no, don't fill your mind with that."
Thanks to the Lord, I instantly submitted to that still small voice and changed the channel.

The joy I found in my obedience was amazing.
The love I felt for the Lord for showing me grace and allowing me to succeed was overwhelming.
The only thing that came out of my obedience was GOOD.
In that moment I was loving the Lord which is exactly what I want to do.

So the journey will continue every. single. day. 
I am choosing to fight for obedience and to continually seek the Lord and ask for help in this area.
I am seeking Jesus, and pray that through His grace I may look more like Him. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. of course, I love this girl. Thanks for bringing me back to such a great truth. you are such a blessing:) love Katie

  2. This post just absolutely blessed me. This is so real and we all struggle with it, this was so beautifully written and right what I needed to hear. Love you:)


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