Monday, 20 August 2012

clear conscience

"There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience" - French Proverb

Last week I shared with y'all about what we are covering in our ladies fellowship.
You can check that out here.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to this week and even considered not posting about a clear conscience. But then I recalled what it was like to not have a clear conscience with the Lord and realized how HUGE it is in our daily lives and relationship with Him.

I have had times in my life where my conscience wasn't clear before the Lord and it was miserable.
I always promised the Lord I would get better, but until that became a reality I was tangled up in my chains and sinking quickly.

What I found out very quickly was that it's impossible to grow with the Lord if you're living in sin.
I would seek the Lord and wonder why I wasn't bearing fruit and growing in him.

"To have a clear conscience means to have no unconfessed sin between you and God or any other person."

Acts 24:16 says, "So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man."

God doesn't just want us to keep our conscience clear with him, but also with his other children.

I think the most uncomfortable thing at times is humbling ourselves to the people we've wronged.
 It's so easy to find 1000 excuses not to do so when if we would do it, we could bask in the freedom that comes with it. 

There is nothing like having a clear conscience before the Lord.
It provides us such a safe haven.

A few weeks ago there was a young lady at church who seemed to be upset with me for something she thought I did.
I'm so sensitive that usually I would let this eat me up inside and bother me.
I would also usually worry about my reputation and worry about who she would tell what she thought I had done.

Instead, I completely rested in the fact that I knew I was blameless before the Lord.
I had a clear conscience.
I also know that the Lord will take care of my reputation and what matters most is what He thinks of me.

There is nothing like living with a clear conscience.
But this isn't a once and done thing.

Along with everything in our walk with the Lord (except Salvation) it is a continual journey and takes daily effort.
If we wrong someone tomorrow, we are to humble ourselves before them and apologize. 
We are to get right before the Lord.

If it is a personal sin, we are to humbly approach our Savior, and get right with Him.

Though maintaining a clear conscience may provoke uncomfortability, I am so grateful for that natural accountability that the Lord gives us.
I am so grateful that when I sin, I have his spirit inside saying, "Make this right!!! I love that person that you just wronged, make it right!!!" or "I want you to continually grow and bear fruit, make this right with Me!"

Now let me be very real and get out of my comfort zone:

Even this week the Lord revealed something to my heart and a couple people I may need to apologize to for harboring feelings of bitterness toward. I'm still wrestling with the Lord and am dreading the discomfort that could will come from taking the steps of humbling myself.
I'm seriously preaching to myself when I say that we don't need to worry about our reputation and that the Lord will take care of it, because that is my biggest fear in addressing the matter at hand.

Though I fret (I know I shouldn't) the Lord already knows how this will turn out. Though I dread humbling myself, I know the reward is much greater.

Man, don't you hate how seeking the Lord forces you to search your own heart ;) ;)
I really don't, it's kinda awesome.
Painful, but very necessary.

Goodness! We have such an awesome and loving God and I am so grateful for how much He cares about me to even want to better me!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week.


  1. i seriously LOVE this and resonate with it so much. We are the same person, i've decided, just in two different bodies and locations, haha! I had the most amazing spiritual retreat today where God brought a lot of things to my mind about bitterness, and the need to repent of it, and to have grace for others:) i'm going through an amazing work-book called Be Transformed, that has really helped me process a lot of these things. You are awesome! love Katie

    1. Haha! We are very much alike! Love it! That's so awesome girl. It's so amazing how when we want to be so deep in relationship with the Lord that he prunes us to make us grow a bountiful of fruit! Though it's so tough when the Lord reveals stuff, it also makes me so incredibly thankful that he loves me so much and wants to better me! So cool! Love ya girlfriend and hope you're having a good week!

  2. Yes what a good and thought provoking post! I also LOVE the picture frames btw. Welcome to Canada from your newest follower :)

    1. Thanks Heidi!! :) and thanks for the welcome!!! :) Canada's been treating us well :)

  3. Profound comments. I found you on the GFC blog hop and it's great to meet you! Now your newest follower. :)

    1. Thanks Kelli! Awesome!! Happy to have you :)


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