Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Am I still guilty? Not a conversation.

I have always loved rap music.
I love the beat, but I also love the wit in the lyrics.

When I truly started walking with the Lord I realized that I needed to watch what I fill my mind with, and I also had a boyfriend at the time saying, "you need to sanctify your ipod!" ha! A man who challenges me, hmm, I decided to keep him around and start calling him husband.

I was then introduced to Christian rappers. 
Sounds a little cheesy, I thought.
But I gave it a go.

Rappers like Lecrae and Ambassador.
Shachah and Da Truth.
Trip Lee and R Swift.
& Cross Movement.

These new rappers definitely had the beat I was looking for.
So I listened a little closer to see if the lyrics would suffice.

They did much more than suffice.
Instead of filling my mind with degrading comments toward women, drugs and alcohol I was hearing the name of Jesus lifted up.

I found myself truly being challenged by what these men & women had to say.
I found myself, and still find myself on a daily basis, crying at the gym over their lyrics, but more than that, their honest hearts.

I found myself at the gym working extra hard because of how excited I was over the lyrics and leaving the gym wanting to love the Lord more!

I want to share a song with y'all from Da Truth (i always feel lame typing DA and refuse to say that outloud ;) but before I do so I want to share a little back story on him.

Da Truth, also known as Emmanuel Lee Lambert Junior had been married to his wife about ten years when he committed a "moral indiscretion".

This was supposed to be a Godly man proclaiming the name of Jesus through his music, how could he do this?
 But he did something that you and I do every day, he sinned.

 He took a sabbatical from the music industry.
That could have been the end of it, and some wish it was, but by the grace of God, it wasn't.

The Lord worked so deeply in him and his wife and restored their marriage.
Not only was his marriage restored, but he felt led to do an album explaining the Whole Truth of what happened and what God did.

Though I wish him nor his wife had to go through this, I am so grateful that they chose to share their struggles and story through his latest CD. 

I weep. 
I mean I seriously ugly cry over this CD and his heart.

 I'm going to share with y'all my favorite song on the album, it's called The Whole Truth.
He sorta tells his own story through this song and talks about where the Lord has brought him and what he's learned.

My favorite line in the whole song is, "Am I still guilty? Not a conversation."

This man committed a sin that some see as unforgivable yet he knows that it's not even a conversation whether he's guilty, not even a question in his mind. 
The Lord forgave him.

Some will never forgive him and look at him in disgust for what he did, I better not tell those people about John 8:1-11 or they might feel sillllly ;)

This encourages me like crazy.

Okay okay! I'm done talking, here's the song:

Enjoy xO

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  1. Wow, seriously girl, you and I are on the same page with what we are learning! thanks so much for sharing this! love Katie


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