Friday, 31 August 2012

it's the little things

This post is kind of a continuation from the last one.
Basically, I'm spoiled by the Lord.

Though I certainly do not find my worth or hope in worldly treasures, I think it's safe to say that we all have desires for certain things at times.
I'm grateful that the Lord has taught me even more since I've been in Moose Factory the importance of storing up treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:20) and not worrying as much about having everything I want, and being content with all that I am already blessed with.

All this to say, I don't really expect any extravagance while living here in Canada, nor do I desire it. I'm becoming more and more content with using my resources and using my creativity to make whatever I do want.

So this is where I was SO taken back yesterday:

I'm sure this image above means absolutely nothing to many of you, and some of you, like my husband, might even think it's something to wash dishes with. :)

Yesterday, on one of the blogs I follow, Emily posted a video of a bun maker and how to make an awesome bun with your hair using the thing above. I was fascinated and loved how it looked, but also knew I couldn't get a bun maker here, so decided to just be content with my own bun.

Well imagine my surprise when we go to say bye to a DEAR family to us here who are moving away, and the mom pulls out a Bun maker and GIVES it to me!!!

I had never even heard of a bun maker before yesterday, and now I have my very own!

It's the little things.

Now many of y'all, if you're like me, have never heard of Lululemon.
If you're Canadian, you DEFINITELY have.
Apparently it was once on Oprah's favorite things, figures, it's super expensive.

Lululemon sells high end yoga and workout clothes.
It's totally the cool thing here.
My mama raised me to love sales though, so I knew I would NEVER have any Lululemon apparel and again, was totally fine with it.

Yesterday though, I was gifted a beautiful Lululemon jacket and I totally get it now.
It's SO soft and warm and awesome.

 Was I dying for a Lululemon jacket?
But was it such a treat and blessing to receive one.

Moving on in our gifts and surprises.
A microwave.
I have always taken a microwave for granted, that is until I didn't have one.

We've gone 6 months without a microwave, and let me just tell you that it is super obnoxious to have to reheat every single leftover up in the oven or on the stove.
Microwaves actually turn out to be the most convenient things EVVERRR.
Seriously, pat your microwave on the back today.

ANYWAY, we were given a microwave yesterday! 
Our Moose Factory life is about to change drastically.
Less pots and pans to dirty and then wash, thank you LORD!!!

On top of all of that we were given MANY other things by this family who is moving away.

I really don't take any of it for granted and know that these are just extra sweet gifts from the Lord.
Will these things go with me to Heaven? Absolutely not.
"Moth and rust" will destroy them.

But Jesus has made me to love all things girly, and Microwaves? :)
So I so appreciate these extra little treats and am grateful.

Have a great weekend friends and take a minute to thank the Lord for the abundance that He has blessed you with!