Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day & groceries

The groceries in Cochrane aren't cheap, but still cheaper than here in Moose Factory! 
What we do is fax our very specific grocery list to the grocery store in Cochrane and they have somebody grocery shop for us. 
From there they just stick it on the train and it comes in Friday morning after ordering on Tuesday!
 The groceries actually come into Moosonee which is across the river so we can't just easily drive up to the train and get them.
 Joshua had to go over by boat.
Coming back he actually put a vehicle that belongs to the pastor here on a barge and came back to Moose Factory in a vehicle filled with out groceries.
He was able to drive that bad boy right up to our door step, pretty sweet.
  Upon receiving our groceries and doing the price checks it appears that we still do save $ from ordering from Cochrane!
 It was a fun experience and we will look forward to buying more baking supplies from Cochrane and picking our groceries up off the train!

Happy Canada Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. holy cow I had no idea groceries were so expensive there?!?! You should title this "groceries from a train!" ha

    Yay for saving money!

    Come on over and follow along my colorful blog...I think you'd really like it (but maybe I'm a little bias?! haha)


  2. Kristen, I think you need to start a series called OIMF (Only In Moose Factory!) hahaha, I LOVE reading about all the great differences! And who orders groceries and picks them up on a boat, SO COOL! I wish Trader Joe's had that service, haha...but then I suppose I wouldn't get the free sample, so maybe i'll just keep shopping, hehe! Love ya girl, have a gREAT day! love Katie

    1. i love it. OIMF is happening. Brilliant idea. haha, oh no...Trader Joes..don't remind me!!! hahaha, i miss that place! Have a great week and great 4th!!!!!!


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