Wednesday, 6 June 2012

shedding the layers

When we first got to Moose Factory I lived in layers. 
Leggings under jeans. Long sleeve shirt then hoodie then huge coat.
It wasn't a pretty sight. 

Needless to say the fact that the heat had arrived is making me one happy girl.
It's amazing how getting dressed up can lift my spirits exceptionally.
Even though I get weird looks every time I go in public. 
I've sorta gotten used to it being one of the only blondes on the island.

Since being here I have fallen in love with so many different styles and I can say without doubt that my husband is glad that we are in the middle of nowhere so I can't purchase all of the things I wish I could! Ha!
But I too am thankful.
 Not only am I forced to be more creative here, but I am constantly reminded that what my heart looks like is far more important than the clothes I wear. 

So having a healthy love for fashion and dressing cute is exactly where I intend to stay!
Because clothes and jewelry are just SO MUCH fun!

And of course getting dressed up for this man whom I am celebrating 10 months of marriage with is the BEST!
His compliments will keep me dressing up forever!

Have a WONDERFUL day! 

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  1. love this:) our heart is SO much more important than anything else! but you are pretty darn cute girl! love Katie


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