Saturday, 16 June 2012

Moose Factory

I have missed blogging this week so very much.
It's such a joy for me to write and to share what I love and what is on my heart.
I started this blog separate from my Moose Factory blog to have complete freedom to write about whatever I want to and to share my girly tendencies.
Even so, my heart is here in Moose Factory, so the two will always be connected.

This week I have been away from blogging because we have had and still have a group of 6 international students staying with us.
They are from the Youth with a Mission program based in New Zealand.
Youth with a Mission is a 6 month program where students sit in class for 3 months and learn about discipleship training, and then spend 3 months doing an outreach. 
This specific group of people felt called to Canada and is spending most of their time in Moosonee(across the river) and 1 week with us in Moose Factory.

We had no idea from the start that they would be a part of our journey here in Moose Factory, but the Lord most certainly did.
Our minds have been BLOWN this week.
Moose Factory is already changed after these short 5 days. 
God is good!!!

I will post more, especially to my Moose Factory blog once they leave on Monday.
But I wanted to drop in and say my absence has been due to us loving like crazy on the people of Moose Factory.
Thank you for your continued prayers!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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