Saturday, 30 June 2012

Catch Phrase!

We had our next door neighbors over for dinner last night and for some Catch Phrase! It was so awesome to show them the love of God and just laugh with them!!! We seriously had a blast and look forward to having them over again!

Food Fight

It would take too many words to fully describe what Food Fight is, so we have prepared a very professional video to get our point across.

<3 <3 <3

Friday, 29 June 2012

New spin on being resourceful

For the next 4 weeks Alaina, Danielle and I will be making videos and posting pictures of our baking adventures.
Alaina: French speaking Canadian. Loves to point out how American I am. Great cook & Baker. Hilarious. Beautiful heart. Just downright lovely.
Danielle: Yinzer, aka Pittsburgh's her home. Ridiculously beautiful smile. Sweet and gentle heart. Super good at taking pictures with her fancy camera. Also, downright lovely.

They are my partners in crime for the next 5 weeks. We have created a little business called Southern Hospitality and we are letting y'all in on our adventures!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Moose Factory

I have missed blogging this week so very much.
It's such a joy for me to write and to share what I love and what is on my heart.
I started this blog separate from my Moose Factory blog to have complete freedom to write about whatever I want to and to share my girly tendencies.
Even so, my heart is here in Moose Factory, so the two will always be connected.

This week I have been away from blogging because we have had and still have a group of 6 international students staying with us.
They are from the Youth with a Mission program based in New Zealand.
Youth with a Mission is a 6 month program where students sit in class for 3 months and learn about discipleship training, and then spend 3 months doing an outreach. 
This specific group of people felt called to Canada and is spending most of their time in Moosonee(across the river) and 1 week with us in Moose Factory.

We had no idea from the start that they would be a part of our journey here in Moose Factory, but the Lord most certainly did.
Our minds have been BLOWN this week.
Moose Factory is already changed after these short 5 days. 
God is good!!!

I will post more, especially to my Moose Factory blog once they leave on Monday.
But I wanted to drop in and say my absence has been due to us loving like crazy on the people of Moose Factory.
Thank you for your continued prayers!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

shedding the layers

When we first got to Moose Factory I lived in layers. 
Leggings under jeans. Long sleeve shirt then hoodie then huge coat.
It wasn't a pretty sight. 

Needless to say the fact that the heat had arrived is making me one happy girl.
It's amazing how getting dressed up can lift my spirits exceptionally.
Even though I get weird looks every time I go in public. 
I've sorta gotten used to it being one of the only blondes on the island.

Since being here I have fallen in love with so many different styles and I can say without doubt that my husband is glad that we are in the middle of nowhere so I can't purchase all of the things I wish I could! Ha!
But I too am thankful.
 Not only am I forced to be more creative here, but I am constantly reminded that what my heart looks like is far more important than the clothes I wear. 

So having a healthy love for fashion and dressing cute is exactly where I intend to stay!
Because clothes and jewelry are just SO MUCH fun!

And of course getting dressed up for this man whom I am celebrating 10 months of marriage with is the BEST!
His compliments will keep me dressing up forever!

Have a WONDERFUL day! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

a simple life

The majority of my life I lived outside of Atlanta.
The idea of a simple life never appealed to me. 
I love being busy. I love being surrounded by people. I love going out on the town and spending a day shopping with my girlfriends. I love getting dressed up and going out to a nice dinner.
This is what I have always known and what I've always loved.

When the Lord called us to Moose Factory, I learned quickly that I was entering the "simple life"
I'm not extremely busy. There aren't a ton of people. There is no town to go out on. There is certainly no places to shop. I don't get really dressed up anymore because I would get dirty anyway, even with much effort not to.

Yet, I have the most joy that I have ever had. 
I have learned more in the simplicity than I have ever learned amongst the busyness.
The Lord has given me such a love for Moose Factory and I am beyond grateful.
A glimpse of the gorgeous river with the big blue sky brings me so much joy.
And I am learning each day to find so much beauty in the simplicity.

So as of late I am trying to stop every chance I get and be thankful.
To be thankful for this time in my life when I have few distractions.
To be thankful that my sole purpose right now in life is to tell people about Jesus Christ and love people.
To be thankful that the Lord has given me such a love for this time in my life that the mere thought of leaving Moose Factory nearly brings tears to my eyes.

I just want to encourage you today to find rest in the place the Lord has called you.
Find beauty in your day to day.
Pause and be thankful for the smallest things.
Though life may grow mundane, thankfulness can be the thing that allows you to find joy.
And if it is a challenge to be content with where you are in life, seek the Lord and He will fill you with gratitude.


Have a wonderful day!

Friday, 1 June 2012

life lately

Life lately according to my iphone:

{Moose Factory had a 5 hour power outage so we ate white bean chicken chili that was still hot from cooking all day before the power went out, played bible trivia, made up a husband/wife handshake, recorded ourselves singing about the power outage. we are ridiculous but at least we now know we can survive 5 hours without the internet and actually have a blast}
{I took a picture of the movie we watched the other day: The Spy Next Door, because my classmate from grades 6-12 is in it. Though it's kinda weird seeing someone you know in a movie fighting jackie chan, it also kinda didn't phase me. Go Lucas!!!}

{We got to babysit the sweet kiddo's again and this picture is funnier than it appears because Joshua does NOT play video games. Like at all. But of course for Liam, Josh will learn!}

{I got the privilege of waking up this sweet baby from his nap and his reaction was the cutest thing ever!!! "Where's mom? Where's Nan? Where's DOSH?" I love holding this sweet baby!!!}
{This is the awesome light pink Essie nail polish my mom and dad sent me in my care package! I'm loving it!}
{This is the home made whole wheat pizza that I made! It was pretty good! I'm still trying to perfect my Pizza recipe but I love having the whole wheat flour!}

There are just a few shots to capture this past week! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!