Tuesday, 22 May 2012

these are a few of my favorite things

{Though I know the whole world is in love with coffee, for me, it’s more than just a hot yummy drink. It’s a special part of my day, every day. It’s usually after my quiet time, when I’m just sitting down, being still, and cozying up with the comfort of coffee. Nearly every time it brings me back to a familiar, and homey place}
{If you know me at all, you know my intense and passionate love for NYC (and I love the classic b&w pictures of it). I fell head over heels at the ripe age of 6, and it’s been game over ever since. It’s a deeper love than just the bright lights of Times Square, the amazing pizza, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Times Square Church, or my favorite jewelry store between 29th and 30th off Broadway. Though I do love the fast pace and all there is to do in NY, I also have a heart for the people. I can’t help but think that there are millions of people in such a small space that though it may appear they have “the life”, so desperately need Jesus.  I think of how many years ago, David Wilkerson just went to NYC for a business trip, but witnessed a drug deal that broke him to his core. Right then and there he wept and wept. The Lord used that very situation to move David Wilkerson to NYC and his entire life and ministry was dedicated to gangs and other teens in NYC. He started a church (Times Square Church) and affected so many lives all over the world through his anguish over such a broken city. So though I do enjoy a nice bike ride through central park and shopping on Fifth Avenue, my heart lays in the midst of millions of New Yorkers hailing cabs and in a hurry}

{I haven’t actually read this Bible Study, but it is one I plan on getting in the future. This woman, Tammie Head was actually mentored by Beth Moore. I’ve had the blessing of hearing Beth Moore speak multiple times and have been truly challenged and encouraged by the words the Lord has given her. She speaks very highly of Tammie and this very study so I’m looking forward to doing it and being challenged to see my walk with the Lord more as a Delight and less as a duty!}

{This is a picture of some of my best friends and bridesmaids at one of my wedding showers! All their sweet momma's threw me the most beautiful shower! One of our dear friends Kristen was in Spain studying abroad so we skyped her into the shower :) The Lord has truly blessed me with some phenomenal friends and I could not be more thankful!}

 Just a few of my favorite things!!! Hope y'all are having a phenomenal day!!!

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  1. Reading your fun & interesting blog posts is one of MY favorite things!!


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