Thursday, 17 May 2012

the sweetest thing

As you will grow quickly to find, I love chocolate. I love fruit for breakfast or for a snack, but I don’t want it within 10 feet of my dessert. I wish I liked fruity desserts, I really do. I feel like I’ve reached adult level, married and all, have my own house, shouldn’t I like mature fruity desserts? But I just don’t. My sweet tooth is still that of a 10 year old. I am certain I got my dad’s chocolate chip cookie genes in that I am in LOVE, head over heels type, with chocolate chip cookies. I love them. They are, hands down, my favorite dessert. In high school I used to make batches and batches of homemade cookies thinking I had found the best recipe, was I EVER wrong! I have now, come across this recipe that nearly brings tears to my eyes when I eat them. My husband scarfs them down and I should probably be embarrassed to say that I told him once, “Please show some respect for the greatest cookies of all time and eat them slowly.” Oh yeah. They are THE best cookies I have ever had in my entire life. Yep, that’s a huge statement. Enjoy!

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