Friday, 18 May 2012

A life lived selflessly

{The most handsome husband (fiance or boyfriend at the time) with the most beautiful Grandma}

Today my precious, Godly grandmother turns 81. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and I aspire to be like her in so many ways. She deserves a book written about her, but for today it will have to be a blog post. Two years ago, my 45 year old Uncle John suddenly passed away, and as you can imagine, my grandmother is still to this day struggling with it. I don’t have a child, so I can’t fully understand, but from what I have seen, it has cut her deeper than any other pain she has ever had to bear. Almost exactly 1 year later, my grandpa passed away. Another sudden death. Though he was old, we weren’t expecting him to pass away so soon, so it was truly heart breaking for all of us, but again, especially for my grandma.  Yet, day in and day out, she makes it through, leaning on Jesus. She keeps an amazingly clean house, runs the church she has been attending for 60+ years, grocery shops, spends time with friends, but MOST importantly takes care of my precious Uncle Todd. Now here is where this woman’s selfLESSness astounds me. My adorable Uncle Todd is mentally handicapped and has the mind capacity of about an 8 year old, though he is 45. Our whole family adores him to pieces and finds SO much joy in having him as a part of our family, but we are also aware of how difficult it is to care for somebody else all the time. Though Uncle Todd can do most things by himself, my grandma still has to give him his pills each day, pack his lunch for work, take him to appointments, and be on the go all the time. So though I’m sure the last 80 birthdays she has had have been selfless ones too, I’m sure this one tops them all. Today, on my grandma’s 81st birthday, she is moving her entire life, and everything she knows from Rutherford, NJ to Huntington Beach, California. Whoa. Why would someone make such a move at such a time in their life and leave everything familiar to them? Because, my selfless grandma loves her son. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Bill live in Huntington Beach and when the time comes for my grandma to go meet Jesus, Uncle Todd will live with them. My grandma wanted to establish a life there and get Uncle Todd acquainted with a new city and a new job. This brings tears to my eyes to type, having to process this in my mind yet again. We are quite confident that my sweet grandma has at least 15 more birthdays left, but whenever the Lord chooses, we all find comfort in knowing that my Uncle Todd has a very loving home to go to. Today, I am beyond grateful to celebrate the life of such a Godly woman and to learn from a life lived for the Lord and not for herself.
{Her dinner is as big as her! }

{My oh so precious Uncle Todd}


  1. Kristen, THANK YOU for such a beautiful accurate picture of my mother. I have been trying for 54 years to emulate her selfless life, but I don't come anywhere close. I would say that when we all get to heaven, we will be dazzled by all the jewels in her crown, but I know that she will have laid it at the feet of Jesus. She is always the example we want to follow. Thank you!!! Love, your proud Papa

    1. I just realized that first picture it looks like that's her walker! haha, definitely not hers, but your daddy-o's :) Love ya dad!


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