Wednesday, 16 May 2012

He knows

I am a BIG “journaler”.  I received my first prayer journal in 6th grade from my amazing Sunday school teacher and since then I haven’t put down the pen. It is so sweet to cry out to the Lord through pen and paper and later stumble upon it to realize He was always there. It never ceases to amaze me when I read my old journals, that I thought I knew what was right for me. Some prayers I was even so persistent with, yet the Lord wasn’t answering them. When I read my prayer journal from freshman year in college I seriously weep over the Lord’s grace in not answering my prayers. If he had I would be a NYC business woman, focused on reaching the top of the corporate latter with no ideas of getting married until I was 30. He knew, I didn’t. After my freshman year of college I was offered an internship at Yahoo in Manhattan. I could barely contain my excitement to be moving to my favorite place on the earth for the summer. I was thrilled to be making contacts and to be one step closer to my dream shared above. Just a week before I was going to take off I got an email saying that because of a budget cut they were no longer taking interns for that summer. I. WAS. CRUSHED. I mean absolutely devastated, I wept and wept and my roommate and dear friend held me while I cried. Nothing could possibly happen that summer that could be as amazing as living the life in NYC. Except maybe one thing. Meeting my husband, which I did. The Lord knows.  Isaiah 55:8 states, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” Something I constantly have to remind myself of is that my mind will NEVER think how the Lord’s mind thinks. Our thoughts are NOT his thoughts. His mind is infinitely greater than ours. So when I get upset because something didn’t go how I think it should have gone, even when it comes to ministering to MF, I have to pause. I have to remind myself again, His ways are not my ways. It truly takes so much stress away when we realize the Lord really does have the whole world in His hands. I was wiser as a 5 year old singing that song than I am sometimes now. So I just want to encourage you today that though we may be confused, lost, sad, broken, empty, and just a downright wreck, the Lord isn’t. He knows. I encourage you to ask the Lord to make your thoughts line up with His, though we will never think like Him, He can give us wisdom and discernment. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Kristen, my darling daughter! Wow, I LOVE your new blog! Who knew you were such a great writer?? ........ He Knew!

    Love, Dad


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