Wednesday, 23 May 2012

chicken parm burgers

My husband’s favorite meal in the whole wide world is chicken Parmesan and unfortunately it just isn’t one of my favorite meals to make. I haven’t perfected it yet, nor have I been anywhere near satisfied with the outcome of my attempts. So when I saw this recipe for a Chicken Parm Burger using ground chicken my interest was sparked. When I say it was one of the easiest most delicious things ever, I do not exaggerate. My husband can testify that I rarely *LOVE* the things that I make, but this was truly that good. When something is that easy and tasty, you keep it around! My husband could barely speak he was so in love with it, which of course makes me one happy wife! Enjoy!

{His "oh my gosh this is so good" face! Thanks Husband!}

{I made homemade buns that added to the deliciousness so hopefully I'll have a recipe up for that soon! }

Y'all have a wonderful day!!!

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