Thursday, 31 May 2012

beyond thankful

I am so blessed. I know this all the time, but some days I just get overwhelmed with it and am in awe. Yesterday was one of those days. It began when I received the most amazing care package from my parents. It was filled with so many amazing things, many of which I can't even purchase here in Moose Factory. Lipstick that I wanted. Essie nail polish. Food items that we can't buy here. Some of my favorite movies I left behind. Tons of shirts from the loft. Toiletries. And a bunch of other stuff. And though I am so thankful for the things inside the box, I just began to become overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have the parents I have, to have the husband I have, to have the privilege to be serving in Moose Factory, to have health, to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father, to have amazing friends who go out of their way to keep in touch with me, to have trials that humble me, to have a beautiful home, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I get so caught up with life that I forget to stop and be thankful. So of course I'm thankful for the box filled with tons of goodies, but I'm more thankful for the realization of how blessed I am that came out of it! Have a wonderful day and go out of your way to remember all your blessings!
The awesome Lipstick that I was telling y'all about! Woo!


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