Tuesday, 28 October 2014

3 months

Just as I suspected...I'm 9 days late on Caleb's monthly update! Whoopsie! October has been crazy busy for us! It's been a great month! I love being a mama! It is such a joy! There have been a few times this month when I was taken back and SO HAPPY to realize, Josh and I really know how to care for Caleb now. WHOAAA. Ha! We have really learned him in the past 3 months and now know his different cries, we know when he's tired or hungry or achey. We know when he's bored and just wants some attention. We know when he's in a silly mood or feeling off. It's pretty awesome and has made everything so enjoyable!

Caleb Joshua ::

Weight: 15.5

Height: 24 inches

Doctor appointment: No doctor apt at 3 months, however we did take him in and he was A Okay!

Nicknames: Changes every single day, and it’s always hilarious and relevant to life that day. I call him Cale-chub most of the time, and sweets!! Josh is still sticking with my boy and little bro (LOL). 

Eating: He has become a very efficient eater!! WOO! He eats for about 5 minutes on each side and is done! I’m so thankful we are past the 45 minutes a side stage!

Sleeping: This child is a phenomennalll night time sleeper. I am soooo grateful. He’ll sleep at least 8 hours…last night he slept around 12 hours! I am trying to get him to bed a little earlier than his normal 10:30-11 PM bedtime because we are just too tired for that. Last night he basically went to sleep around 7:30…he woke up and fed for a few minutes around 8:30, and that was it! That was AMAZING! He’s been doing good the last few days with his nap schedule. Usually will sleep for 30 minutes every hour and a half to 2 hours! A couple days ago he only napped once the WHOLE day…that was rough!! :/

Diapers: Since he’s finally getting into a good eating routine I was told he wouldn’t have a BM every day…and could go as long as 6 days without one! That has definitely been the case! We are still in disposable…Caleb’s Moose Factory Gookum (grandma in Cree) just brought us back a huge case of disposable diapers…so I figure when we are out of those, we will start cloth!

Clothing: He is in 3 months, but some of it is getting snug…we will have to move to 3-6 months very soon! Every brand is different too! I am really liking his little GAP sweat suits and feel like we are getting  a lot of wear out of those this cooler time of year!

Social: At home, with Josh and me, Caleb is super social and happy but he has definitely gotten a bit of stranger danger this month. I think the more he’s realizing who Josh and I are the more he wants to be safely with us. We had a bunch of people over last Friday to celebrate Josh’s birthday and nobody could hold Caleb or he would scream his head off. Nooooo. I’m not getting too worried about it, I think it’s just a phase. Since that night several people have held him and he would do okay sometimes and not so okay other times.

New this month: There has been about 3 different times where he laughed. It was AMAZING!!! The most perfect cute laugh ever! He does the motor boat with his lips all the time and spits out bubbles. I think he may be starting teething, he’s SUPER drooly and was “off” for about 5 days (the reason I took him to the doctor). They said he was fine, just most likely beginning teething! Yikes!  He has officially grown out of his bassinet…but poor baby has to stay in it for another week until we move to the new house and set up his crib.

Likes:  He still loves his bath and has started to kick like crazy in it! Playing with his family—he LOVES attention.  Josh says, “he likes going to sleep on his own terms!” ha! He likes sticking his hands in his mouth. He loves when I sing…one of his 3 laughs was when I was singing…I don’t know whether to be flattered or hurt! I’ve started just singing my sentences to him instead of talking 

Dislikes:  Sometimes he dislikes going in his bassinet for a nap, other times he’s okay with it. Being put down when he wants to be held by Josh or me. 

Mama: Doing good! The 5 days that Caleb was ‘off’ I was definitely off too! It broke my mama heart to see him upset and not his happy self. Teething is so gonna be my enemy! I feel like I’ve definitely gotten the hang of things, but still learning and growing every day.  Really excited to move into the new house sometime in the next couple weeks and REALLY excited to set up Caleb’s nursery! I feel like it’s been a little chaotic since Caleb was born because we didn’t want to take the time and FULLY organize life in this house just to pick up and move…so it’ll be nice to settle for good in that house! 

Daddy: Joshua is the bomb. Caleb loves his daddy. Just today Josh walked out and it was the first time Caleb saw him today…Caleb looked at him then shrieked with excitement! It melted our hearts…oh my goodness! Last night Josh spoke a message on Psalm 46. It was a beautiful message with an overwhelming response! He really felt the Lord put it on his heart, and He clearly did, because it really blessed and moved our congregation! Every time Josh comes out of his office to get coffee or whatever he always gets sucked in by Caleb’s cuteness and takes time to kiss him and pick him up. I love this. I think the fact that he is so consistent with loving his son like this will make such an impact.

Fun things we did: Caleb celebrated his first Canadian Thanksgiving! He looked super dapper and handsome in his bowtie shirt and khaki’s. Don’t you American’s worry…we will celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November as well! We’ll be the only ones…but we still will! J We celebrated Josh’s birthday with a party at our house on the 17th!

What we're looking forward to:  We are looking forward to moving! Also, looking forward to teething being over (and it’s only just begun!!!). 

(can you tell he LOVES selfies with his mama?? ;-) )

 (Thanksgiving attire)

 (first time in the bumbo chair...he doesn't really like it...he tries to get out of it :) )

 (Caleb got dressed for his Aunt Erin's birthday!)

  (can't ALL be about Caleb... :) .... Josh celebrated his birthday, along with our friends Zach and mike!)


 (I should have probably waited until the 4 month update to show this...because technically he just learned this a few days ago...but it's just so cute i can't wait...he screams and shrieks in a high pitch squeal and talks now! soooo adorable!)


(Caleb's Moose Factory Auntie Debs bought him this chair and he loves it)

Monday, 22 September 2014

2 months

Hello dear friends and family! Wow, the past 2 months have been life changing! I’ve read so many blog posts over the last few years from new moms that would write “I have never been more tired than I am right now, but the last couple months have been amazing!” I absolutely never understood that. How can you put tired and amazing in the same sentence? I literally fear being tired, and that was one of my biggest fears going into motherhood. But here I am, 2 months in saying I’ve never been more tired in my life, but these last couple months have been amazing!!! 

Y’all…I can NOT describe the love I have for this little human. Holy smokes. There are still days when I look at him and just start crying…it’s truly overwhelming. He is such a JOY and such a gift and I will lose a zillion more hours of sleep for him. (and drink a zillion more cups of coffee!!!!!!!!!...or 1 a day…relax ppl! ;-))

 Because most moms are under the radar for the first couple months, getting the hang of things, I find that those hard times in the beginning aren’t talked about often. First off…labor…holy mackerel…intense!!! But most beautiful thing evverrrrrrr. But painful…and very painful for the weeks following…so physical pain, mixed with exhaustion, mixed with “am I everrrr gonna sleep again” depressing thoughts, mixed with LOVE & JOY & MORE LOVE…it’s all CRAZY!!! I’m thankful I had a lot of really honest mom friends that prepared me for the weeks after labor, because really, it’s a wild ride that warranted a LOT of prayer!!! Prayers that the Lord heard and honored!!!

So anyway, I hope to update once a month…but we’ll see! Right this minute I’m looking at a basket full of clean clothes, a pile of thank you cards that need to be written, and some dishes in the sink…we’re still getting the hang of everything, so hopefully this mama can find a few minutes to blog!

Caleb Joshua ::

Weight: 13.10 lbs 

Height: 24 inches

Doctor appointment: He has his 2 month immunizations in a few days! ( L someone holllddd meee)

Nicknames: I call him Little Love, Stinker Pot (is that like a thing or did I make up that weird one?), little man, baby boy. Josh calls him little bro (this cracks me up!!!), little fella, my boy. And of course he gets showered in sweetheart, precious, all those mushy gushy. 

Eating: He loves to eat!!! During the day he eats on average every 2.5 hours! It’s pretty crazy. He loves food from his mama, doesn’t quite love when his dad gives him a bottle of pumped milk, but this mom needs a break from time to time, so they get through! 

Sleeping: The day Caleb turned 7 weeks he started sleeping BEAUTIFULLY!!! I am BEYOND grateful!!! I feel like it was such a gift from the Lord as Josh and I were starting to be deliriously tired. Like I referred to Caleb as a girl MANY times…. HA! Now he goes to sleep around 10:30- will wake up once to eat, usually around 5:30 then goes back to sleep till around 9:30! It’s GLORIOUS!!! I’ve  pretty much figured out that every 2 hours he will take a 30-45 minute nap! Now that we’ve figured that out our days are going smoother! 

Diapers: He is still in disposable and will be until we move into our new house! I’m hoping after we settle we will have a bit more of a routine and it will be easier to work our way into the cloth diapers. Disposable is just soooo easy, but I can’t get past the cost savings of cloth, so I am excited to start (and do laundry every couple days…okay, I’m NOT excited for that part!!!).

Clothing: He is in 3 months. Just a couple days ago when I did his wash I had to put aside most of the 0-3 months clothing. 

Social: He’s my little social smiley boy! He LOOVVEESSS when Josh and I get right in front of him and talk…he just coo’s and “talks” away. He loves attention and gets soooo excited when Josh and I are together in front of him…he can barely handle the 2 of us together in front of him, it’s adorable!!! He does well with other people too…it isn’t hard to make him smile, so that’s always such a joy for people! He’s definitely grown in the last month socially…so that’s been REALLY fun to watch happen!

New this month: MUCH more talking…with some excited screams! (this is so adorable it about kills me). Nonstop smiling! Sleeping beautifully at night. More regular nap routine.  On the negative side…he’s had a bad rash for about a week, I took him in on day 2, and they thought he just has my bad/dry skin, they told me to just apply Vaseline and Lubriderm. Update: took him back after he had the rash 1 week…the doc said he needed .5 % hydrocortisone for what appears to be eczema…I just apply a little once a day and it has gotten WORLDS better! I loathe dry skin for myself so I am on top of his lotion game like crazy!!! My poor baby!! 

Likes:  Taking a bath, looking at himself in the mirror, hitting the objects hanging from his play mat, having his face/lips touched, music, Josh and me (WOOOO), being swaddled before nap time, morning time/ waking up from a nap time…he’s ALL smiles.

Dislikes: Being hungry & tired (samesies Cale!). 

Mama: I am so happy. I really really am. I of course have had some “hard” days…but it’s all relative. There have been so many things that I prayed for throughout my pregnancy that I’m seeing the Lord honor. Prayers for joy- I’m so joyful, I love being a mother. Prayers to soak up every day- I truly feel like I am enjoying each day and not letting the little hard things get me down too much. Prayers for my marriage- it has been so neat to see the Lord grow us and help us to figure out this whole parenthood/marriage thing…we still have/need a lot of growth, but we are definitely learning. We have finally been getting a schedule down the last week and that has been GLORIOUS. Caleb and I get up usually in the 9 O’clock hour (I’m hoping to start getting up an hour before him…I’m just. so. tired.) I get something to eat, then I feed him, he plays while I drink my coffee (one of the highlights of my day…ha!), I get a few things done that I need to get done…then after a while I flip him over and he does tummy time- I stay pretty close during this time…he needs encouragement during that hard workout! J then that wears him RIGHT out…and he falls asleep for a 30-45 minute nap! About every 2 hours he takes a 30-45 minute nap. He’s the bomb…so thankful we have a little schedule going!! (last night he slept from 10:45 PM-6:30 AM WOOOO)

Daddy: Joshua LOVES being a dad! He’s been back to work for a while, and that’s gone really well. Caleb and I give him his space during the day (until we move, his office will continue to be in our house), and Joshua just soaks up Caleb in the evenings and his days off. He’s soooo helpful. He does laundry, washes dishes, plays with Caleb, loves me well, he’s just such a natural! I am so blessed to have him as my partner in this life! 

Fun things we did: We did his newborn photo shoot with my friend and photographer, Julia. They are great!! Caleb peed 4 x during it (without a diaper on) and had an explosive # DOS…thankfully WITH a diaper on J , he’s met a lot of new people this month as friends came back in town from their Summer off, we went on some walks in the beautiful fresh air, the women from the Chapel had a baby shower for Caleb and me…it was so lovely!! We are very blessed to have so many people here in Moose Factory that love and support us!

What we're looking forward to: I’m looking forward to being in our new home…getting that decorated. VERY excited to decorate Caleb’s nursery!!! To purge some things and start fresh and simple! 


This sweetie chunked up a bit :) Definitely will not be wearing that onesie next month!!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Introducing our precious baby boy...

Caleb Joshua Oestreich

July 18, 2014
3:24 PM
8 lbs 11 oz
21.5 inches

He's 10 days old today and we are SMITTEN, IN LOVE, HEAD OVER HEELS!!!

Thank you, Lord for this beautiful gift and miracle!!!