Saturday, 19 April 2014

28 weeks {and 4 days}

 {today I am 28 weeks 4 days...approximately 80 days to go!}
Baby: Baby boy is 14.8 inches, and almost 3 lb's!

How I'm feeling: Still feeling really good! On Wednesday, the day I officially hit my 3rd trimester, I instantly found it hard to bend over! Like clockwork! To be honest, I can't really believe I'm only going to get bigger (and more uncomfortable), it's already a lot of work carrying my little 3 pounder!! But I LOOVEEEEEEE it soooo much!!!

Sleep: The second I hit my bed my baby boy comes to life! It's our new tradition to just watch him go CRAZY when I lay down in bed. So some nights are hard to fall asleep. I also have had low blood pressure (which they aren't concerned about and say is normal for an active pregnant woman), but because of this I am paranoid about trying to sleep on my left side only (sleeping on this side helps your heart to pump best and blood flow to the baby) so that keeps me up too. I tried a body pillow and woke up literally 15 times. But STILL, I can't complain, I know it could be much worse!!

Workouts: I've been working out pretty much 4 x a week and really loving it! Nothing too crazy, lots of squats, lunges, push ups and using resistance bands. I feel strong and good. I do notice though, where a workout would typically give me a burst of it seriously wears me out and makes me wanna take a nap! I'm totally fine with extra naps though, as long as I'm doing what I can to prep my body for labor!

Clothes: My mother in law seriously took care of me with winter maternity clothes, and it has been AMAZING. It snowed yesterday here, and is still really cold so I'm still wearing everything she gave me. I bought a few summer things and had them shipped to my in laws house so that I can get them when we hit the WARM U.S. Only 5 pieces of my Summer clothing that I typically wear still fits...but I will make it work some how!! :)

Cravings/aversions:SWEETS. Josh and I haven't been eating sweets, and he was dying laughing at me the other day because I was going CRAZY. I wanted sweets sooooooooo bad. BUT, I didn't give in! WOO!!! We will definitely treat ourselves a little while we are in the States...but I love the idea of not filling my tiny little baby with I'll try to be GOOD! But I am OBLIGATED to teach him about the finer things in life like COLD STONE & GREAT AMERICAN COOKIE! So, I will do my duty there!!!

Movement: This kid never stops moving. I had a friend tell me yesterday (she has 2 young boys) that the baby that moved like crazy in her turned out to be a WILD CHILD, and her baby that didn't move much in utero turned out to be such a CHILL baby. Oh dear!!! We shall see what baby O is like!!! I may have a wild child on my hands!! I really do love how much he moves though!! My little sweetie pie!!!

What I'm loving: Loving so many things. Loving that even when I am unbelievable uncomfortable, I am overwhelmingly grateful for this gift. I fully understand that this baby is the Lord's and I am counting every second with him as the most precious gift from above! 
I had my final (most likely) ultrasound on Wednesday and we got to see all 4 chambers of his heart just pumping away. It wasn't until the next morning that I was literally stopped in my tracks thinking about what a miracle that was. I got so emotional thinking of Psalm 139 and how God has perfectly been knitting my baby together in my womb. He already knows & loves my baby boy more than I can fathom. I have a baby inside of me that has a HEART in him that Jesus holds together. It truly is incredible. SUCH a miracle.

Daddy: He is so excited! He's been so sweet and wonderful taking care of me! I get a massage every single's awesome! He loves talking to our baby and telling him how much he loves him. I seriously think the baby can tell the difference between mommy & daddy's hands on my belly...he goes extra crazy when Joshua touches it. We got a daddy's boy on our hands!!! ;)

What I'm looking forward to:I am soooo excited for our trip!!! We are getting to see soooo many people who are so precious to us, going to the beach (even if its cold, I'm just soooo excited to be away with Joshua), our amazing mom's are throwing us baby showers, our time away is going to be sooooooo sweet, and I am thrilled and excited! We leave 2 weeks from Monday!

Thanks for following along on this sweet journey!

Happy Easter!!! I have been overwhelmed thinking on what Jesus did for us on the cross. The pain and shame he bore has been running through my mind as I have studied (and been taught on) different passages this week. Unfathomable. What is really overwhelming me is the separation Jesus had from God in that time, and how much pain (far greater than the physical) that caused Him. So grateful the Lord is revealing and making new so much to my heart, as I know He will continue to do over the years as I seek Him. 

Praise the Lord for what tomorrow represents...He is Risen!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

25 weeks

Baby: Baby boy is 13.5 inches, about as long as a celery stock! Weighing about 1.5 lbs!

How I'm feeling: I'm feeling really great! I caught a bug a couple weeks back that ended up putting me in the hospital from dehydration. But after filling me up with fluids and a few days (more like 5) of total rest, I'm great again! I did have my first experience of heartburn. Oh my gosh!! Crazy stuff! I had never had heartburn so I told the 2 ladies that I had at my house what was happening and they diagnosed me :) I know it's common, but ughhh. Haven't had it since though!

Sleep: Still good, definitely can't complain!!!

Workouts: When I realized that I'm going to be facing the MARATHON of child birth in approximately 104 days I freaked out a little and got back into my work out game! I've been doing a little lifting, trying to work on endurance, lots of stretching and some yoga!

Clothes:Fitting tighter, but still mostly good. It's a good thing Spring is coming because I'm about to bust out of my winter coats!

Cravings/aversions: I haven't really had any cravings lately. Josh and I gave up sweets, so occasionally I'll wish I could have a sweet, but nothing too crazy!  I'm finding that I can't eat that much at one time lately.

Movement: Always moving! I love it when Josh and his buddies ask "what in the world does it feel like to have a human moving inside of you?" hahaha, it's a very good question. It's so surreal that I've just accepted it without fully fathoming it! It's also a constant reminder to thank the Lord for this PRECIOUS gift!!!

What I'm loving: Still loving the bump! Loving that it's becoming more and more real to both of us. We are going to become parents in 100 days approximately and that is just CRAZY. Loving that I'm starting to get his nursery ready. Loving the projects I've been working on for it.

Daddy: Daddy is super excited. He preached on John 17 on Sunday evening and shared that looking at the relationship between the Father and the Son made him even more excited to have a boy, and for their relationship. I mentioned to him yesterday that I'm 6 months pregnant and he kinda stopped in his tracks, he said "whoa when you put it like that, it sounds so soon!" We can't believe we're becoming parents so soon!!!

What I'm looking forward to:I'm looking forward to my 3D ultrasound next week! Can't wait to see that sweet baby face and see what his lips and nose and face shape look like! Man, we are already so in love with him! Such a treasure!!!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

23 weeks!

{22 weeks 3 days}

Baby: Baby boy is 12 inches!!! 1.1 lbs!!! Growing boy!

How I'm feeling: Great! I've had lots of energy and nesting is starting to kick in....GREATEST thing ever!!! Especially since we are moving into a new house just 3 months after baby boy is born!! Gotta get ready!

Sleep: Pretty good, my dreams are CRAZY!!

Workouts: Doing some yoga, and keeping active around the house doing homemaker things! :) It's also starting to warm up here (as in 1 degree farenheit is warm), so we will be getting out for walks more soon!

Clothes: I'm wearing lots of comfy pants when I'm around the house. My regular pants are starting to get hard to zip, haha, so moving to mostly maternity pants for when I go out and about!

Cravings/aversions: In the past 3 weeks I've had 3 distinct meal cravings...all lasting for about a week each...first one was breakfast for dinner...mainly eggs and hash browns! Second thing was pulled barbecue chicken and baked beans...3rd is cream cheese bagel WITH chocolate milk. (still in that one..MMmMm). Trying to be super balanced in my diet, especially when I'm craving such bad things!! No real aversions lately...I still won't go near raw meat...but Joshua does it for me so it's not even something I think about anymore!

Movement: He's kicking like crazzzzzy! I read that he may start to get hiccups...I can't imagine his movement increasing, but we shall see! I love it!!!!! I love him letting me know that he's in there and doing well!

What I'm loving: That I'm finally getting a bump!! People can now just tell I'm pregnant, and not chubby! haha. It's been soooo fun this last week since it popped out a bit!

Daddy: Daddy is SO excited for his little man!!! He talks to him and rubs my belly often! The two of us make up a different name for him every day...I don't know that we'll ever settle!

What I'm looking forward to:I'm looking forward to our little beach getaway in May!! Just the 2 of us! Our first actual vacation since our honeymoon! Every time we go home it is wonderful, but soooo busy, so the first 5 days of our May trip home will be devoted to just the 2 of us at the beach! Then of course I'm SO excited to spend a week in Atlanta and a week in Philly!!